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Schizophrenia Seminar Series

FALL 2013 - SPRING 2014

Wednesdays | 3 PM | Meyer 1-191 | The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Each lecture is preceded by a short presentation by a young scientist.

Sept 11

Dimitri Avramopoulos, MD, PhD

Short Talk:
Martin, Ma (Snyder lab)

(Host: Sawa)

Associate Professor, Institute of Genetic Medicine and Department of Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins University

"Genetics of schizophrenia"

Oct 2

Joel Kleinman, MD, PhD

Short Talk:
Yasue Horiuchi, PhD (Sawa lab)

(Host: Avramopoulos)

Associate Director, Clinical Sciences
Lieber Institute for Brain Development at JHU

"Genetic variation and alternative transcripts in human brain development and schizophrenia"

Nov 6

Schahram Akbarian, MD, PhD

Short Talk:
Ladd-Acosta, PhD (Epidemiology at JHSPH)

(Host: Kamiya)

Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience,
Chief of the Division of Psychiatry epigenomics,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

"Epigenetic Regulation in the Developing and Diseased Human Brain"

Dec 6


Preben Bo Mortesen, Dr.Med.Sc

Short Talk:
Kate Musliner (Psychiatric Epidemiology at JHSPH)

(Host: Pletnikov)

Professor, Head of Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark

"iPSYCH: Searching for Genetic and Environmental Causes of Schizophrenia and Other Mental Disorders"

Jan 8

Fuller Torrey, MD

Short Talk:
Miranda Darby, PhD
(Stanley Division, Pediatrics)

(Host: Pletnikov)

Executive Director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute

"Schizophrenia: Why It Is the Strangest Disease"

Feb 5

Cancelled due to inclement weather

Phil Hayden, PhD

Short Talk:
Amit Agarwal, PhD
(Dr. Bergles's Lab)

(Host: Pletnikov)

Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professor and
Chair of Neuroscience
Tufts University School of Medicine

"Therapeutic opportunities provided by glial targets"
March 5

Danielle Fallin, PhD

Short Talk:
Nicole ECkart (Avramopoulos's lab)

(Host: Avramopoulos)

Sylvia and Harold Halpert Professor and Chair
Department of Mental Health
Director, Wendy Klag Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"Genetic and Epigenetic Epidemiology of Mental Health Disorders"
April 2

Elaine Walker, PhD

Short Talk:
Issel Anne Lim, PhD (Dept. of Radiology)

(Host: Kamiya)

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Director, Mental Health and Development

Emory University

"Stress and Developmental Trajectories to Psychosis"
May 7

Pamela Sklar, MD, PhD

Short Talk:
Rebecca Birnbaum, MD
(Lieber Institute for Brain Development

(Host: Kamiya)

Chief, Division of Psychiatric Genomics
Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

"Advances in Schizophrenia Genomics"

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