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MIND THE GAP Workshop Series

Johns Hopkins Schizophreina center hosts a new series of workshops

MIND THE GAP: aspiring to bring clinicians and scientists together


Nov 28 4pm 


Alma SpaniardiMental State Examination, Psychopathology, Scientific ExplanationsThe spine of a psychiatrist’s assessment that will guide diagnosis and further action. What to look for, how to interpret it and what lies underneath.

Jan 16 4pm


Mary KimmelDSM-IV – VDiagnostic classification in mental health disorders has always been a topic of intense debate not only in the clinical world but in society, in general. Take a brief tour and let your opinion be heard.

Feb 13 4pm

Matthew Peters

Assessment and Treatment of Schizophrenia: Neuropsychological Tests & PharmacologyFrom initial assessment to admission and treatment, follow a clinician’s steps into getting to know and further treat his patients.

Mar 20 4pm

Sean Heffernan

Psychosocial Implications & MeasuresMental health disorders’ complex impact on the patient’s life. How important are medication? What else can we do?

May 8 4pm

Paul NestadtCase ReportDiscuss a patient in detail, from his current circumstances, way back to his early development and find potential links to his illness.

Jun 19 4pm

Schizophrenia symptomatology in other diseasesAre hallucinations and delusions a schizophrenia monopoly? Well, not really…see what we mean by that!