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Patient and Family Resources

The Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center

One of the things that sets the Memory Center apart is the support we provide to both patients and families in the form of individual care but also with a monthly social club, books, web links, podcasts, and an advisory council. We hope you find them helpful.Club Memory

VISIT 'CLUB MEMORY' - A monthly social club for patients, spouses, partners, and caregivers.

Caregiver Education Series

A series of lectures throughout the year by Johns Hopkins dementia and Alzheimer's experts on topics relevant to families and caregivers. Look at the current schedule.

PodcastsHelen and Arne Hovdesven

Center faculty talk about topics of interest and family members share their experiences in these mini-broadcasts.
Listen or download audio podcasts.

Patient and Family Council

Join the Patient and Family Council to share your experiences and influence the Center's programs. Learn more

Practical Dementia Care

36-Hour Day

NOW in PODCASTS read by Dr. Peter Rabins

The second edition of  Practical Dementia Care, a widely read and well-respected manual written by Center faculty members, teaches physicians, nurses, psychologists, and therapists caring for Alzheimer’s patients details of the Johns Hopkins model or dementia care.

The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Persons Caring for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease, first published in 1981, is the groundwork for Center’s commitment to public education.  Co-authored by Memory Center faculty member, Dr. Peter V. Rabins, the book was the first of its kind. Now in its fifth edition, the book remains a definitive resource for families.

 Memory Disorders BulletinLearn more and subscribe to The Johns Hopkins Memory Disorders Bulletin