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The Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center


MedPage Today - April 1, 2014
Where Do Biomarkers Fit Into the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's?
Dr. Constantine Lyketsos on the capabilities of biomarkers.
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AARP Blog - February 20, 2014
Living with Dementia and Caregivers: So Many Unmet Needs
Associate Professor Betty Black speaks to her study of caring for those with dementia.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine - February 18, 2014
Antidepressant Holds Promise in Treating Alzheimer's Agitation
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JAMA Video - February 18, 2014
Effect of Citalopram on Agitation in Alzheimer Disease
Dr. Constantine Lyketsos discusses an antidepressant that holds promise
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Johns Hopkins Medicine - February 2, 2014
Experimental care program keeps people with dementia at home longer, study shows
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Johns Hopkins Medicine - December 19, 2013
Living at Home With Dementia
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Health Central - November 13, 2013
New test could detect early-stage dementia
David Schretlin, Ph.D. research on neuropsychological testing to detect dementia
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CBS News - August 7, 2013
Two cups of hot cocoa a day sharpen seniors' brains, study suggests
Paul Rosenberg, M.D. comments
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KPCC - Southern California Public Radio - July 17, 2013
What happens in the brain of someone with amnesia?
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Johns Hopkins Medicine  - December 5, 2012
Johns Hopkins Surgeons Implant First Brain 'Pacemaker' for Alzheimer's Disease in United States as Part of a Clinical Trial Designed to Slow Memory Loss
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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing- November 21, 2012
Six Steps to Reduce Dementia's Troubling Symptoms

Johns Hopkins Medicine - July 18, 2012
Johns Hopkins Program Enables Those With Dementia to 'Age in Place'
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Johns Hopkins Medicine - May 7, 2012
Deep Brain Stimulation May Hold Promise for Mild Alzheimer's Disease
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Huffington Post - April 9, 2012
Draft National Alzheimer's Plan is Disappointing
Dr. Kostas Lyketsos and others feel that the psycho-social dimensions of dementia are largely ignored in this national policy statement.
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Baltimore Sun - March 1, 2012
Some Memory Changes in Aging Brain Are Normal
Hopkins psychiatrist points to steps that may slow or prevent dementia.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine - October 3, 2011
Blood Tests May Hold Clues to Pace of Alzheimer's Disease Progression
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Washingtonian Magazine - September 30, 2011
Six Ways to Improve Your Brain’s Health
From playing games to being social, these activities can help improve memory and prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s 
Features Dr. Constantine Lyketsos

Royal Gazette Online - September 20, 2011
Tomorrow is World Alzheimer's Day
Features Dr. Paul Rosenberg
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AARP Bulletin - July 1, 2011
Baltimore-Area Research on Aging Improves Health of People 50+
AARP lends a hand by recruiting participants
Features Dr. Constantine Lyketsos
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USA Today - September 15, 2010
Early Alzheimer's diagnosis is crucial, yet accurate test elusive
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