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Predictive Genetic Testing

Huntington's Disease Center at Johns Hopkins

As part of the clinical services supported by the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA), the Center provides evaluation, counseling, and genetic testing to individuals who are at risk to develop Huntington's disease (HD).

The evaluation is done as part of the Evaluation and Research clinic on Tuesdays in Meyer 2-181 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. At the time of initial evaluation, we will obtain a family history and medical history and assess your psychiatric and neurological functioning. If you are determined to be at risk for carrying the HD gene mutation you will be offered genetic counseling.

The genetic and psychological counseling consists of two one-hour sessions. These two appointments must be completed prior to being tested for the gene mutation. During these sessions you will be asked to evaluate the potential implications that a positive result for HD would have on your financial and personal well-being. You will be encouraged to investigate insurance, employment and future health care options. At the end of the second visit your blood will be drawn and tested for the gene mutation. It will take four to eight weeks to obtain your results. You will be asked to return for a visit at which a physician will notify you of your results and answer any questions you may have.

Services Provided

  • Individual and/or family counseling
  • Genetic testing

For all clinical appointments, please contact:

Deborah Pollard
600 North Wolfe Street, 2-181 Meyer
Baltimore, MD 21287
Telephone: (410) 955-2398