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Tic and Repetitive Behavior Disorders Clinic

Division  of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Tourette syndrome and tic disorders are neurobehavioral disorders affecting 1% to 3% of children and adolescents. Tic disorders frequently co-occur with psychiatric disorders
(e.g., ADHD, OCD, DBD), which are often associated with significant psychosocial impairment.

Tics are a sudden, rapid, recurrent, nonrhymic, stereotyped motor movement or vocalization. Examples of tics include:

Motor Tics

  • Blinking
  • Grimacing
  • Head/neck/shoulder movements


Vocal Tics

  • Coughing
  • Throat clearing
  • Repeating words or phrases

Medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) have been demonstrated to be effective for treating Tourette syndrome and tic disorders as well as common comorbidities.
Medication and CBT can be delivered individually or in combination. This specialty clinic emphasizes the use of an empirically-supported treatment (EST) for tic disorders (i.e. Habit Reversal Training, HRT) as an adjunct to medication or as a front-line intervention. Medication and CBT are also available for common co-occurring symptoms/disorders.

Faculty Clinicians

Matt Specht, Ph.D., Psychologist
Tel: (410) 614-4236

To schedule an appointment call Carie Fletcher at 410-955-5335.

Marco Grados, M.D., Consulting Psychiatrist

Download clinic brochure (PDF)

What to Expect

In order to efficiently connect families with the right team of providers, our intake coordinator will gather information about you, your child and your concerns over the telephone.
Your initial appointment will be 2-3 hours and will include an extensive clinical interview with feedback.

Contact Information

For additional information about the Tic and Repetitive Behavior Disorders Clinic or to make an appointment with Dr. Specht, please contact Carie Fletcher at 410-955-5335.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Bloomberg Children's Center, 12th Floor
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
1800 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

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