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Child and Adolescent Medical Psychiatry Service (CAMPS)

The CAMP Service (formerly the Consultation / Liaison Psychiatry service) provides clinical assessments, treatment, and referral source for any child in The Johns Hopkins Children's Center. The service focuses on the collaborative relationship with primary care teams in pediatrics - in the emergency department, the inpatient pediatric services, and in some outpatient pediatric settings as well.

The consultation team works to understand the ways in which medical illness treatment can impact psychological experiences and the way in which psychological experiences can impact coping with a medical illness or treatment. The goal is to alleviate the psychological burden that can accompany some medical conditions and to optimize a youngster's care in the hospital.

Community resources, aftercare planning, and additional information are also available to families through this service.

For more information, please page the CAMPS fellow at 410-283-8763


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