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Bipolar Disorder Research

Division of Psychiatric Neuroimaging

Virology and Bipolar Disorder

PIs: Susan Bassett, PhD
in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Payne
IRB # 05-03-28-02

The aim of this study is to examine hemodynamic activation (using fMRI) in a group of individuals with bipolar disorder and HSV-1 infection in order to better understand the pathologic mechanism involved in cognition in bipolar disorder and, perhaps more importantly, identify a population of individuals with the disease for whom anti-viral intervention may ameliorate a substantial burden of disease and disability.

Neuroimaging in Bipolar Disorder

PIs: Susan Bassett, PhD and John Little, MD
IRB # 02-10-11-01

This study is funded by the Stanley Medical Research Institute. The aim of this study is to use neuro-imaging to help refine bipolar phenotypes, which may further the identification of genes related to bipolar disorder, assist with understanding treatment response, and provide clues about disease etiology.

This project is no longer recruiting participants.


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