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Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

Division of Psychiatric Neuroimaging

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a method that provides a description of the diffusion of water through tissue, and can be used to highlight structural changes in tissue tracts. DTI has tremendous implications to brain research, as it makes it possible to trace how fibers are connected in the brain, yielding a map of how the brain is wired. DTI also has diagnostic implications by being able to pinpoint areas where normal water flow is disrupted, providing valuable information about the location of specific lesions.

DTI Processing and Analysis Toolboxes

DTIStudio is a package for the visualization and processing of diffusion MR data, as well as the tracking of white matter fibers. This software was written by Hiangyi Jiang and Susumu Mori. Software can be requested by email from Dr. Mori.

FDT - FMRIB Diffusion Toolbox
FDT is a software tool for analysis of diffusion weighted images. It performs eddy current correction, models diffusion parameters, fits diffusion tensors, and conducts probabilistic tractography.


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