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Melissa Gerstenhaber, RNC, MSN

Psychiatric Neuroimaging
Melissa Gerstenhaber

Research Nurse Program Coordinator

Address: 600 N. Wolfe St., Phipps 324, Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: 410-614-1242 Fax: 410-614-3676

Melissa Gerstenhaber, R.N., C.M.S.N. is the Research Nurse Coordinator for the Clinical Research Program of the NIH-funded Morris K. Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center of Excellence at the Johns Hopkins University. She has more than 25 years of experience as a registered nurse and has earned Master’s Degrees in Administrative Science and in Nursing Management. She also holds a certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Melissa joined the staff of PNI as its research nurse coordinator in 2001. Prior to that, she was Senior Clinical Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Melissa's primary role is to recruit and coordinate assessments of individuals with Parkinson’s disease, related disorders, or healthy controls who wish to be involved in Parkinson’s disease research. In her role as research nurse coordinator she also participates in outreach and education efforts by speaking to Parkinson’s support groups and symposiums.

Active Projects

Currently, Melissa is coordinating the following Parkinson’s disease clinical trials and studies, all of which seek volunteers:

1) Investigators at the Johns Hopkins Hospital seek volunteers with Parkinson’s disease, ages 21-65 years old, for participation in an investigator-initiated research study funded by Eli Lilly. If you have difficulty focusing your attention, being organized, planning or finishing projects, you may meet the requirements for this study. The study offers free evaluation and study medication at no charge.

2) Investigators seek volunteers with Parkinson’s disease, over 50 years old, for participation in a research study funded by Forest Pharmaceuticals. If you have difficulty with your memory, you may qualify for this study.

3) Investigators seek volunteers with Parkinson’s disease, over 30 years old, for participation in a study funded by NIH/NINDS. If you feel sad, withdrawn, have appetite and/or sleep changes, concentration or lack motivation you may qualify for this study. The study offers free evaluation and study medication.

4) Longitudinal Study of Parkinson’s disease seeks individuals with Parkinson’s disease and controls age 21 years and over. This study is funded by NIH.

5) The Brain Donation Registry seeks individuals with Parkinson’s disease, related disorders, and controls over age 21. This is funded by NIH. Registration in the brain donation program enables the individual to donate their brain, at the time of their death, for scientific research on the underlying mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease. The program, including the actual brain donation program, is free for participants. Families also receive a diagnostic report.

If you have questions about these studies or other opportunities at the Morris K. Udall Center, please call her at (410) 614-1242 or email her at


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