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Catherine Cristinzio, M.S.

Psychiatric Neuroimaging
Catherine Cristinzio

Senior Research Program Manager

Address: 600 N. Wolfe St., Phipps 345C, Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: 410-955-2754, Fax: 410-955-3108

Catherine Cristinzio is the Manager of the Familial Alzheimer's Disease program. Her responsibilities include overseeing program staff, planning and implementing study protocols, enrolling study participants, and scheduling and coordinating participant visits. She is also responsible for managing the petty finances of the program, maintaining the program database, analyzing data, and assisting the preparation of manuscripts for publication.

Active Projects

  • Familial AD Program
  • Brain Imaging in Subjects at At Risk for AD

Selected Publications

Bassett, S.S., Yousem, D.M., Cristinzio, C., Kusevic, I., Yassa, M.A., Caffo, B.S. and Zeger, S.L. Familial risk for Alzheimer's disease alters fMRI activation patterns. Brain. May, 2006, 129(Pt 5):1229-39.

Bassett, S.S., Kusevic, I., Cristinzio, C., Yassa, M.A., Avramopoulos, D., Yousem, D.M., Fallin, M.D. Brain Activation in Offspring of AD cases Corresponds to 10q Linkage. Annals of Neurology. July, 2005, 58(1): 142-6.

Mohamed, M., Yousem, D., Kusevic, I., Cristinzio, C., Honeycutt, N., El-Deib, A., Yassa, M., Caffo, B., Bassett, S. (2004) Lack of Education and Intelligent Quotient Effects on Hippocampal Activity in a Functional MRI Experiment. Proceedings and Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Neuro-Radiology (ASNR)

Cristinzio, C., Yassa, M., Kusevic, I., Honeycutt, N., Baird, S., Caffo, B., Yousem, D., Bassett, S. (2004) Limbic structural changes associated with increased neuroticism in an adult sample. Proceedings and Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biological Psychiatry.


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