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Wand, Gary S., M.D.

Director, Neuroendocrine Services

Main Office Address

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
863 Ross
Endocrinology, 600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 410-955-3921
Fax: 410-367-2042







Skidmore College



George Washington University School of Medicine


Internal Medicine Internship

George Washington University School of Medicine


Internal Medicine Residency

George Washington University School of Medicine


Endocrinology Fellowship

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professional Interests

  • Neurobiology of substance abuse
  • Physiogenetics of the stress response

Selected Publications

  • Uhart M, McCaul M, Oswald L, Choi L, Wand G. (2004) GABRA6 gene polymorphism is associated with an attenuated response to psychological stress. Molecular Psychiatry, 9(11):998-1006.
  • Oswald LM, Wong DF, McCaul M, Zhou Y, Kuwabara H, Choi L, Brasic J, Wand GS. (2005)  Association of ventral striatal dopamine release with cortisol and drug liking. Neuropsychopharmacology, 30(4):821-32.
  • Munroe C, Oswald L, Weerts E, Zsabo S. Wand G. (2005) Hormone responses to psychological  stress in alcohol dependent men and social drinkers. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 29(7):1133-8.
  • Chong R, Oswald, L, Uhart M, Yang X, Ping L, Wand G. (2006) The muopioid receptor gene polymorphism A(118)G predicts cortisol responses to Naloxone and stress. Neuropsychopharmacology, 31 (1):204-211.
  • Munro C, McCaul M, Wong DF, Oswald L, Zhou Y, Kuwabara H, Choi L, Brasic J,  Wand, G. (2006) Sex differences in striatal dopamine release in healthy adults. Biol Psychiatry; 15;59(10):966-74.
  • Munro C, McCaul M, Wong DF, Zhou Y, Kuwabara H, Choi L, Brasic J, Wand G. (2006) Family history of alcoholism and striatal dopamine release. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Jul;30(7):1143-51.
  • Uhart M, Chong R, Oswald, L, Ping L,  Wand G. (2006) Gender differences in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis reactivity. Psychoneuroendocrinology: 31(5):642-52.
  • Oswald L, Zandi P, Nestadt G, Potash J, Kalaydijian A, Wand G. (2006) Relationship between cortisol responses to stress and personality. Neuropsychopharmacology: 31(7):1583-91.
  • Uhart M, Oswald L, McCaul M, Chong R, Wand G. (2006). Hormone responses and family history of alcoholism. Neuropsychopharmacology 31:2255-2263.
  • Mangold D and Wand G. (2006) Cortisol and ACTH responses to naloxone in subjects with high and low neuroticism. Biol Psychiatry. 2006 Oct 15;60(8):850-5.

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