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Treisman, Glenn J., M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Glenn Treisman

Director, AIDS Psychiatry Service

Main Office Address

Meyer 119
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21287-5371

Phone: 410-955-6328
Fax: 410-614-5913


Administrative Assistant

Tom Moses
Phone: 410-955-2343




University of Michigan



University of Michigan


Medicine-Psychiatry Internship

Francis Scott Key (Bayview)


Psychiatry Residency

Johns Hopkins

Professional Interests

  • Medicine and Psychiatry Consultation
  • Psychiatry: AIDS, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Pharmacology

Selected Publications

Treisman, G. J., Angelino, A. F., Hutton, H. E., Psychiatric Issues in the Management of Patients With HIV Infection. GRAND ROUNDS; JAMA 2001, 286 (22) 2857-2864. 

Treisman, G.J.  Kaplin A., Neurologic and psychiatric complications of antiretroviral agents. AIDS 2002,16:1201-1215. 

Treisman, G. J., Fishman, M., Schwartz, J., Lyketsos, C. G., Treatment of psychiatric disorders in patients infected with HIV.  Psychitratic Treatment of the Medically Ill, Robinson RG and Yates WR (Eds), Marcel and Dekker, 1999  B. Bencherif, G.J. Treisman, J.K. Zubieta, N.Ilgin, M.J. Stumpf, O. Radcliffe, H.T. Ravert,W.B. Mathews, J.L. Musachio, R.F. Dannals and J.J. Frost.  Mu opioid receptor upregulation induced by antidepressant treatment correlates with mood improvement in females, but not in males. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 38(5):108P. 

Lyketsos, C. G., Hanson, A. L., Fishman, M., Rosenblatt, A., McHugh, P. R., Treisman, G. J.: Mania early and late in the course of human immunodeficiency virus infection. The  American Journal of Psychiatry, 1993:150(2): 326-327.  


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