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Reti, Irving M., MBBS

Dr. Irving Reti

Associate Professor
Director, Brain Stimulation Program

Main Office Address

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Meyer 3-181
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 410-955-1484
Fax: 410-955-0152




MBBS [Hons]

University of Sydney


General (Australia). General/Psychiatry (USA) Internship

RPAH (Sydney, Australia), JHBMC


Psychiatry Residency

Johns Hopkins Hospital


Neuroscience Fellowship

Johns Hopkins University

Professional Interests

Research:Behavioral neuroscience, brain stimulation treatment modalities

Clinical: ECT Service, rTMS Service, Mood Disorders Consultation Clinic

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Dr. Reti is available for presentations as part of the Johns Hopkins Community Grand Rounds Program

Selected Publications

Crombag HS, Dickson M, Dinenna M, Johnson AW, Perin MS, Holland PC, Baraban JM, Reti IM (2008). Narp deletion blocks extinction of morphine place preference conditioning. Neuropsychopharmacology, in press.

Reti IM, Crombag HS, Takamiya K, Sutton JM, Guo N, Dinenna ML, Huganir RL, Holland PC, Baraban JM (2008). Narp regulates long-term aversive effects of morphine withdrawal. Behavioral Neuroscience, in press.

Wachtel LE, Kahng SW, Cascella N, Dhossche DM, Reti IM (2008): Electroconvulsive Therapy for Severe Catatonic Deterioration in an Autistic Girl with Mental Retardation and Self-injury: A Case Report. American Journal of Psychiatry. 165: 329-33

Reti IM, Miskimon M, Dickson M, Petralia RS, Takamiya K, Bland R, Saini J, During MJ, Huganir RL, Baraban JM (2008): Activity-dependent release of Narp from vasopressin neurons into the systemic circulation. Neuroscience. 151: 352-60.

Johnson AW, Crombag HS, Takamiya K, Baraban JM, Holland PC, Huganir RL, Reti IM (2007): A selective role for neuronal activity regulated pentraxin (Narp) in the processing of sensory-specific incentive value. Journal of Neuroscience. 27: 13430-5.


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