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Kaplin, Adam I., M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology
Chief Psychiatric Consultant,
Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis Centers

Main Office Address

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 N. Wolfe St., Meyer 121
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 410-955-2343
Fax: 410-614-5913





Yale University



The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine



The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Internal Medicine Internship

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center


Psychiatry Residency

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Chief Resident, Psychiatry

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Pfizer Postdoctoral Fellowship
in Biological Psychiatry

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Chief Psychiatric Consultant to the Multiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis Centers

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

2006Assistant Professor of Neurology

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professional Interests

1. Investigating the biological basis of depression and cognitive impairment in autoimmune CNS diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

2. Developing novel treatments for depression that prevent the potential suicidality that has been associated with SSRI's and led to their black box warning.

3. Testing a novel treatment for cognitive impairment in MS by first testing it in an animal model of MS (i.e. EAE).

4. Developing a bioassay to predict responses in the use of High Dose Cyclophosphamide, which has shown unprecedented results in restoring function and stopping disease activity in pilot studies in MS.

5. Developing a novel technology to monitor patients subjective mental phenomena (e.g. mood, anxiety, pain, sleep, etc) in the outpatient setting.

Selected Publications

Kaplin AI, Deshpande DM, Scott E, Krishnan C, Darman JS, Shats I, Martinez T, Drummond J, Dike S, Pletnikov M, Keswani SC, Moran TH, Pardo CA, Calabresi PA, Kerr DA.  Interleukin-6 induces regionally selective spinal cord injury in patients with the neuroinflammatory disorder transverse myelitis.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 2005.

A. I. Kaplin as member of TM Consortium Working Group. Proposed diagnostic criteria and nosology of acute transverse myelitis. Neurology. 2002 Aug 27;59(4):499-505.

G. J. Treisman, A. I. Kaplin. Neurologic and psychiatric complications of antiretroviral agents. AIDS. 2002 Jun 14;16(9):1201-15

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