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Kahng, SungWoo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Director of Training, Department of Behavioral Psychology

Main Office Address

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 443-923-2844
Fax: 443-923-2845


Administrative Assistant

Dorothy Okwuadi
Phone 443-923-2840




Kalamazoo College



University of Florida



University of Florida

Professional Interests

 Dr. Kahng has conducted research on the assessment and treatment of severe problem behaviors (e.g., self-injurious behavior, aggression, and property destruction) exhibited by individuals with developmental disabilities. Much of his research has focused on functional behavioral assessment technology, which is used to identify the determinants of problem behaviors. This includes evaluation of functional behavioral assessment procedures (e.g., scatter plot and brief functional analysis) as well as the refinement of such procedures. Dr. Kahng has also conducted research on behavioral interventions for severe problem behavior. His research has focused on the acquisition of functional communication skills to decrease problem behaviors as well as the alteration of motivational variables for problem behaviors. His other research interests include pediatric feeding disorders, computerized systems of data collection, and the prevention and early intervention of self-injurious behavior.

Selected Publications

Kahng, S., Boscoe, J. H., & Byrne, S. (2003).  The Use of an Escape Contingency and a Token Economy to Increase Food Acceptance.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 36, 349-354. 

Kahng, S., Iwata, B. A., & Lewin, A. B. (2002).  Behavioral Treatment of Self-Injury, 1964 to 2000.  American Journal on Mental Retardation, 107, 212 û 221. 

Kahng, S., Iwata, B. A., & Lewin, A. (2002).  The impact of functional assessment on the treatment of self-injurious behavior.  In S. Schroeder, M. L. Oster-Granite, & T. Thompson (Eds.), Self-injurious behavior: Gene-brain-behavior relationships (pp. 119 û 131).  Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association. 

Kahng, S., Tarbox, J., & Wilke, A. E. (2001).  Use of a multicomponent treatment for food refusal.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 34, 93 û 96.  

Kahng, S., Abt, K. A., & Wilder, D. A. (2001).  Treatment of collateral self-injury correlated with mechanical restraints.  Behavioral Interventions, 16, 105 û 110.

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