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Hagopian, Louis P., M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Program Director, Neurobehavioral Unit

Main Office Address

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway St. Room 521
Baltimore, MD, 21231

Phone: 443-923-2841
Fax: 443-923-2845


Administrative Assistant

Tara Connelly
Phone: 443-923-2840




Virginia Commonwealth University



Virginia Tech



Virginia Tech


Pre-doctoral Internship, APA-Approved

Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger Institute

Professional Interests

Dr. HagopianÆs main research interests are in the areas of assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior displayed by individuals with autism and other developmental disorders; and the application of basic behavioral principles to understanding clinical problems including autism and anxiety disorders.

Selected Publications

Hagopian, L. P., Contrucci, S.A.C., Long, E. S., & Rush, K. S. (2005). Enhancing functional communication training with competing stimuli.Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38, 177-194.

Hagopian, L. P., Paclawskyj, T. R., & Contrucci, S.A.C. (2005). The use of conditional probability analysis to identify a response chain leading to the occurrence of eye poking. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 26, 393-397.

Hagopian, L. P., Toole, L. M., Long, E. S., Bowman, L. G., & Lieving, G. A. (2004). A comparison of dense-to-lean and fixed-lean schedules of alternative reinforcement and extinction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37, 323-338.

Hagopian, L. P., Rush, K. S., Richman, D. M., Kurtz, P. F., Contrucci, S. A., & Crosland, K. (2002).  The development and application of individualized levels systems for the treatment of severe problem behavior.  Behavior Therapy, 33, 65-86. 

Hagopian, L. P., Rush, K. S., Lewin, A. B., & Long, E. S. (2001). Evaluating the predictive validity of a single stimulus engagement preference assessment. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 34, 475-486. 

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