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Chahal, Raman G., M.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor
Medical Director - Intensive Psychiatric Services Clinic at The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Main Office Address

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
4940 Eastern Avenue
D2E, Mason F. Lord, Rm. E201A
Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: 410-550-0025
Fax: 410-550-1748





Mohendra College,  Punjab, India



Govt. Medical College and Rajendra Hospital, Punjab, India


Rotating internship

Rajendra Hospital, Punjab, India


Psychiatry Residency

The Johns Hopkins Hospital


Clinical and Research Fellow

The Johns Hopkins Hospital



The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Professional Interests

  • Intensive outpatient treatment for stabilization and prevention of hospitalization in the acutely ill psychiatric patient
  • Ethnic psychiatry: Options for provision of psychiatric treatment and outreach to the underserved Indian and Southeast Asian population
  • Impact of psychiatric illness and substance abuse on highway driver safety

Selected Publications

Romanoski A, Nestadt G, Chahal R, Gruenberg E, and McHugh PR. (Feb. 1988). Interobserver Reliability of "Standardized Psychiatric Examination" (SPE) for Case Ascertainment (DSM-III). Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 176(2): 63-71.

Folstein MF, Romanoski A, Chahal R, Anthony JC, Von Korff M, Nestadt G, Merchant A, Gruenberg EM, and Kramer M. (1985). Eastern Baltimore Mental Health Survey Clinical Reappraisal. In Epidemiology Field Methods in Psychiatry (Eaton WW and Kessler LG, eds). Chapter 12, Pp. 253-284. Orlando, FL: Academic Press, Inc.

Folstein M, Romanoski A, Nestadt G, Chahal R, Merchant A, Shapiro S, Kramer M, Anthony J, Gruenberg E, McHugh P. (1985). Brief Report on the Clinical Reappraisal of the DIS Carried Out at the Johns Hopkins Site of the Epidemiological Catchment Area Program of the NIMH. Psychological Medicine. 15(4): 809-814.

Anthony J, Folstein M, Romanoski A, Von Korff M, Nestadt G, Chahal R, Merchant A, Brown CH, Shapiro S, Kramer M, Gruenberg E. (1985). Comparison of the Lay Diagonistic Interview Schedule and a Standardized Psychiatric Diagnosis. Archives of General Psychiatry. 42: 667-675.

Von Korff M, Nestadt G, Romanoski A, Anthony JC, Eaton WW, Merchant A, Chahal R, Kramer M, Folstein MF, Gruenberg EM. (1985). The Prevalence of Treated and Untreated DSM-III Schizophrenia: REsults of a two stage community survey. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 173(10): 577-581.


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