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William Walker Awards - Summer 2016

Medical Student Research in Psychiatry

The William Walker award is a cash prize given to Johns Hopkins medical students who are using their extracurricular time to work on a research project related to the field of psychiatry and behavioral science. Entries are judged by raters blind to the identity of the student, based on how closely the research applies to psychiatry or behavioral science, how important is the student’s contribution to the work, and to the quality of the research question and methods. We have selected seven from a field of 13 high-quality submissions and, as is often the case, the margin between winning and not winning was thin. We regret that we cannot fund every one of them. But in the cumulative wisdom of our psychiatry faculty judges, here are the winners:

Jared Hinkle will work with Greg Pontone on a mission to characterize cognitive deficits with psychosis in Parkinson’s Disease

Margaret Sundel is conducting a project with Karin Neufeld on the effects of physical therapy in delirious, critically ill patients.

Divya Rayapati will collaborate with Lauren Osborne on clinical research in reproductive psychiatry.

Jenny Wen, along with Anika Alvanzo (Substance Abuse Consultation Service) and Colleen Christmas (Primary Care Medicine) performs trauma-informed care needs assessment in internal medicine residents.

Aishwarya Shukla is engaged in a project with biochemist Mollie Meffert on the role of BDNF in synaptic plasticity, a possible factor in the pathophysiology of autism.

Mark Shi is pursuing an investigation of the history of pain clinics in the United States along with Jeremy Greene (History of Medicine)

Faisal Chaudhry is doing a project in health sciences informatics with Teresa Johnson to gauge the relationship between lecture attendance and student performance in the Brain Mind Behavior course.

Thanks to all who submitted entries, who are mentoring students in their research, and who helped to judge this year’s Walker Awards.