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Current Issue

July 2014 

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Upcoming Events

September 12, 2014
2nd Annual Integrated Care Conference:
Improving the Physical Health of People with Serious Mental Illness

Sponsored by the Center for Behavior and Health and Access to Wellness, JHBMC Community Psychiatry
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September 20, 2014
Steps in a Safe and Healthy Direction - a 5K Run, One-Mile Fun Walk and Community Health Fair at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, sponsored by the Center for Behavior and Health.
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September 22, 2014
Road to Recovery: An Addictions Conference for Professionals
A Look at Tobacco and Cannabis

Sponsored by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Research
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September 29, 2014
Mindfulness and Learning Research Symposium
Sponsored by the Science of Learning Institute
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SAVE THE DATE - November 1, 2014
A Woman’s Journey: The Johns Hopkins Medicine Annual Health Conference
This year featuring psychiatry faculty members Drs. Constantine Lyketsos, Gerald Nestadt, Karen Swartz, and Ryan Vandrey
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In the Media

The Diane Rehm Show - July 17, 2014
New Findings on Postpartum Depression: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment Options
Zachary Kaminsky, Ph.D., on his DNA research.

USA Today - July 6, 2014
How to Deal with Insomnia to Get a Good Night's Sleep
David Neubauer, M.D., on the effects of the disorder.
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Washington Post - June 30, 2014
Fueled by social media, 'thigh gap' focus can lure young women to eating disorders
Angela Guarda, M.D., on girls' fixation with thin legs.
Read article - June 9, 2014
Abuse Cases, and a Legacy of Skepticism
Dr. Maggie Bruck on the influence adults have when interviewing children. 
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NPR - May 26, 2014
Anxious Parents Can Learn How to Reduce Anxiety in Their Kids
Golda Ginsburg, Ph.D., talks about how parents act as models for their children's anxiety.
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WAMU 88.5 - May 23, 2014
New Sweat Disorder Center Aims to Cool People's Heels, Hands and Underarms
Dr. Carisa Perry-Parrish assists in helping those with sweat disorders. 
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The Scientist - May 14, 2014
Antidepressant could be prophylactic for Alzheimer's
Constantine Lyketsos, M.D., comments on the recent discovery. 
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Fox News - May 13, 2014
Researchers Identify Genetic Marker for OCD
Gerald Nestadt, M.D., leads the study.
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WYPR - April 30, 2014
Hopes for Budding Medical Marijuana Industry High, Yet Hazy
Ryan Vandrey, a behavioral pharmacologist at Bayview, on medical marijuana's potential in Maryland.
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Wired (UK) - April 28, 2014
Sending Rats Into Deep Space Makes Them Stupid
Robert Hienz, Ph.D., looks into the attention deficits seemingly caused by sending certain rats into space.
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Medscape - April 3, 2014
Anticancer Compounds Show Potential in Schizophrenia
Dr. Akira Sawa on inhibitors that may reverse effects of schizophrenia-like behaviors.
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Baltimore Sun - April 2, 2014
Hopkins Looks at Screening for Postpartum Depression
Zachary Kaminsky, Ph.D., takes blood tests that screen for postpartum depression.
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Medscape - April 2, 2014
Anxious Kids With Comorbidity May Need Specialized Approach
Courtney Keeton. Ph.D., speaks about monitoring change in children's symptoms.
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Coverage in Johns Hopkins Publications

Johns Hopkins Health – September 2014
Dr. Karen Swartz talks about how letting go of grudges is good for your health
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Hopkins Medicine – Spring/Summer 2014
Drs. Karin Neufeld and Joseph Bienvenu help prevent trauma after discharge in this JHM pilot program.
Read article  | Watch the video HERE

Johns Hopkins Nursing - Spring 2014
A Calming Force
Dr. Deborah Gross and other nurses prepare for a greater role in mental health
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Johns Hopkins Nursing - Spring 2014
Clear-headed Interventions
Dr. Laura Gitlin develops powerful partnerships in care for the aging. 
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Johns Hopkins Health - April 1, 2014
For Pain, Sometimes It's Mind Over Matter
Luis Buenaver, Ph.D., links catastrophizing to insomnia. 
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Johns Hopkins Health - April 1, 2014
A Hopeful View on Depression
Margaret Chisolm, M.D., on symptoms and treatment for depression.
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Research Press Releases

May 28, 2014
Steroids Prescribed in the ICU Linked to Delirium
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May 13, 2014
Researchers Identify Genetic Marker Linked to OCD
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This E-New Update is published quarterly by the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

The Hopkins BrainWise Newsletter is full of stories about the clinical and research work of the department and the people who do it. It is published three times a year and is always available online along with archived issues.
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