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Photo of Dr. Corinne Abdallah Ahmar, M.D.

Ahmar, Corinne Abdallah, M.D.

Appointment Phone: 410-884-4463
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Community Physicians - Howard County General Hospital
Photo of Dr. Shabina Roohi Ahmed, M.D.

Ahmed, Shabina Roohi, M.D.

Appointment Phone: 240-235-9120
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Community Physicians - Downtown Bethesda
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Endocrinology
Photo of Dr. Hyo S Ahn, MD

Ahn, Hyo S, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science
Appointment Phone: 410-356-8186
Main Location: American Radiology Services - Owings Mills
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology, Radiology
Photo of Dr. Edward Sanghoon Ahn, MD

Ahn, Edward Sanghoon, MD

Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Appointment Phone: 410-502-7700
Main Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Brain Hemorrhage, Brain Tumors, Cerebral Revascularization, Chiari Malformations, Craniofacial Reconstruction, Craniosynostosis, Encephalocele, Endoscopy, Hydrocephalus, Moyamoya Disease, Neonatal Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Skull Lesions, Spina Bifida, Spinal Dysraphism, Syringomyelia, Tethered Cord Syndrome, Vascular Malformations
Photo of Dr. Nita Ahuja, MD

Ahuja, Nita, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
Associate Professor of Oncology
Associate Professor of Urology
Director of Sarcoma and Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Program
Chief, Mixed Tumor Services
Appointment Phone: 443-997-1508
Main Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Colorectal Cancer, Cytoreductive Surgery, Gastric Cancer, Gastroesophageal Cancer, Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancers, General Surgery, GIST, Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, Neuroendocrine Tumors, Pancreatic Cancer, Retroperitoneal Sarcomas, Sarcoma, Stomach Cancer, Stomach Tumors, Whipple Procedure
Photo of Dr. Michael Craig Ain, MD

Ain, Michael Craig, MD

Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Director, Residency Training Program, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Appointment Phone: 443-997-2663
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Achondroplasia, Clubfeet, Hip Dysplasia, Kyphosis, Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedics, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Pediatric Spinal Deformity, Pediatric Trauma, Scoliosis, Skeletal Dysplasias, Spondylolisthesis, Spondyloysis
Photo of Dr. Abimbola Aina, MD

Aina, Abimbola, MD

Assistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Appointment Phone: 410-740-7903
Main Location: The Center for Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Photo of Dr. Chinwe Chi Chi Ajuba-Iwuji, MD

Ajuba-Iwuji, Chinwe Chi Chi, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Appointment Phone: 410-955-7610
Main Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Anesthesiology
Photo of Dr. Ardavan Akhavan, MD

Akhavan, Ardavan, MD

Assistant Professor of Urology
Director Pediatric Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery
Appointment Phone: 410-955-6108
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Pediatric Specialty Clinic
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Bladder Stones, Hydronephrosis, Hypospadias, Kidney Stones, Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery, Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction, Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction, Major Urologic Birth Defects, Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Robotics, Ureteral Pelvic Junction Obstruction, Urologic Laparoscopy, Urology, Varicocele, Vesicoureteral Reflux
Photo of Dr. Mahbuba Akhter, M.D.

Akhter, Mahbuba, M.D.

Appointment Phone: 410-884-4644
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Community Physicians - Howard County General Hospital
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