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Photo of Dr. Jennifer Eileen Van Eyk, PhD

Jennifer Eileen Van Eyk, PhD

Professor of Biological Chemistry


  • Professor
  • Director, The Johns Hopkins NHLBI Innovative Proteomics Center in Heart Failure
  • Director, Bayview Proteomics Center
  • Professor of Biological Chemistry
  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor of Medicine

Centers & Institutes

  • Heart and Vascular Institute

Technology Expertise

proteomics, mass spectrometry, SWATH quantification,


Dr. Van Eyk, Ph.D. is a Professor of Medicine, Biological Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore and Director of the Hopkins NHLBI Proteomics Innovation Center on Heart failure, and the JHU Bayview Proteomics Center that has the mandate to facilitate application of proteomics in medicine, in addition ot the JHU Clinical Translational Science Award Biomarker Development Center that works to bring biomarkers to clinical use through the application of innovative technologies.   Dr. Van Eyk has over 210 peer reviewed manuscripts, reviews, book chapters and has co-edited two books entitled “Proteomics and Genomic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease” and “Clinical Proteomics: Insights into Disease”. Dr. Van Eyk is on the editorial boards or a consulting editor for Circulation Research, Circulation: genetics, J. Molecular and  Cardiology and is senior editor for Proteomics and Proteomics: Clinical Applications. 


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    • BSc, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
    • Ph.D, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Research & Publications +

    Research Summary

    Our central philosophy is that compelling biological and clinical questions drive innovation through development, optimization and adaption of proteomic technologies, functional analysis, and large-scale data handling. The primary research focuses i) on understanding the molecular mechanism underlying acute and chronic disease and treatment therapies and ii) in the development of clinically robust circulating biomarkers directly or via investigation of secreted proteins. My laboratory has developed technological pipelines to quantify protein isoform and post-translational modifications (PTM) changes of proteins in disease pathways.   This includes understanding interplay between competing PTMs like O-GlcNAc and phosphorylation and multiple oxidative modifications. Our group also develops multiple reaction monitoring assays, a MS-based quantitative method, for a number of signaling pathways to determine their absolute concentration.  The goal being able to carry out large scale quantification of proteins characterization and quantification of 1000s of samples. Our academic group has its own research but also it acts to facilitate innovative methods to the broader scientific community.  

    Selected Publications

    Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (182 peer-reviewed articals/23 chapters/2 books (21 in 2012; 16 in 2013)

    1. Murphy AM, Kogler H, Georgakopoulos D, McDonough JL, Kass DA, Van Eyk JE, Marban E. Transgenic mouse model of stunned myocardium. Science2000;287:488. PMID: 10642551

    2. Xu W, Liu Y,Wang S, McDonald T, Van Eyk JE, Sidor A, O'Rourke B. Cytoprotective role of the Ca-activated K+ channel in cardiac inner mitochondrial membrane. Science 2002;298: 1029. PMID: 12411707

    3. Mathivanan S et al., Human Proteinpedia enables sharing of human protein data. Nat Biotechnol. 2008; 26:164-7. PMID: 18259167

    4. Gao P, Tchernyshyov I, Chang T-C,  Lee Y-S, Kita K,  Ochi T, Zeller K, De Marzo AM, Van Eyk JE,  Mendell JT, Dang CV. c-Myc suppression of miR-23 enhances mitochondrial glutaminase and glutamine metabolismNature 2009: 458:762. PMID: 2729443

    5. Matt P, Schoenhoff F, Habashi J, Holm T, Van Erp C, Loch D, Carlson OD, Griswold BF, Fu Q, De Backer J, Loeys B, Huso DL, McDonnell NB, Van Eyk JE, Dietz HC; the GenTAC Consortium. Circulating transforming growth factor-beta in Marfan Syndrome. Circ. 2009:120:526. PMID: 19635970Editorial:  Braverman AC. Transforming Growth Factor-beta. A Biomarker in Marfan Syndrome?.

    6. Gundry RL, Raginski K, Tarasova Y, Tchernyshyov I, Bausch-Fluck D, Elliott ST, Boheler KR, Van Eyk JE Wollscheid B. The Mouse C2C12 Myoblast Cell Surface N-Linked Glycoprotein Subproteome. Mol. Cell Prot. 2009;8:2555. PMC27773721

    7. Agnetti G, Kaludercic N, Kane LA, Elliott ST, Guo Y, Chakir K, Samantapudi D, Paolocci N, Tomaselli GT, Kass DA, Van Eyk JE. Modulation of Mitochondrial Proteome and Improved Mitochondrial Function by Bi-  ventricular Pacing of Dyssynchronous Failing Hearts. Circ: Genetics, 2009:3:78. PMC2921909

    8. Kane KA, Youngman MJ, Jensen RE, Van Eyk JE. Phosphorylation of the F1Fo ATP synthase ? subunit: Functional and structural consequences assessed in a model system. Circ Res. 2010:106:106504. PMC2835499. Paper was the Editor’s pick

    9. Lindsay ME, Schepers D, Bolar NA, Doyle JJ, Gallo E, Fert-Bober J, Kempers MJ, Fishman EK, Chen Y, Myers L, Bjeda D, Oswald G, Elias AF, Levy HP, Anderlid BM, Yang MH, Bongers EM, Timmermans J, Braverman AC, Canham N, Mortier GR, Brunner HG, Byers PH, Van Eyk J, Van Laer L, Dietz, HC, Loeys BL. Loss-of-function mutations in TGFB2 cause a syndromic presentation of thoracic aortic aneurysm. Nat Genet. 2012:8;44:922 PMID: 22772368

    10.  Wang SB, Foster DB, Rucker J, O'Rourke B, Kass DA, Van Eyk JE. Redox Regulation of Mitochondrial ATP Synthase: Implications for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy. Circ. Res. 2012.109:750. PMC3500591

    11.  Gao WD*, Murray CI*, Tian Y, Zhong X, Dumond JF, Shen X, Stanley BA, Foster DB, Wink DA, King SB, Van Eyk JE, Paolocci N. Nitroxyl(HNO)-Mediated Disulfide Bond Formation Between Cardiac Myofilament Cysteines Enhances Contractile Function. Circ Res,2012:111:1002 (*equal) PMC3470471 Editorial; Ge Y and Moss R Circ Res. 2012;111:954-956

    12.  Murray CI, Uhrigshardt H, O'Meally RN, Cole RN, Van Eyk JE. Identification and quantification of S-nitrosylation by cysteine reactive tandem mass Tag switch assay. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2-12:11:M111.013441. PMC3277766

    13.  Zhang P, Ji W, dos Remedios CG, Kirk JA, Kass DA, Van Eyk JE*, Murphy AM (*corresponding author). Multiple reaction monitoring to identify site-specific troponin I phosphorylated residues in the failing human heart. Circ. 2012:126:1828. PMC in process Editorial: White M and Cordwell S, Circ Res, in press.

    14.  Liu X, Jin Z, O'Brien R, Bathon J, Dietz HC, Grote E, Van Eyk JEConstrained Selected Reaction Monitoring: Quantification of selected post-translational modifications and protein isoforms. Methods. 2013, in press

    15.  Jin Z, Fu Z, Yang J, Troncosco J, Everett AD, Van Eyk JE. Identification and Characterization of Citrulline-modified Brain Proteins by Combining HCD and CID Fragmentation. Proteomics. 2013, in press.


    1. J.E. Van Eyk and M. Dunn.  Genomic and Proteomic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease: moleular mechanism, therapeutic targets and diagnostics.  Wiley-VCH Publishers, 2003;

    2.  J.E. Van Eyk and M. Dunn. Clinical Proteomics: from Diagnosis to Therapy, Wiley-VCH Publishers, 2007\

    Guest editor for proteomic or CVD series:

    2001–2003.Circ Res (5 articles); 2005.J. Physiology (London) (5 articles);
    2008 Proteomics: Clinical Application volume (July);
    2010 Circulation Research (5 articles);
    2011 Circulation Genetics educational series on Proteomics technology (13 articles).

    Patent Applications: 5 patent, 12 applications in proteomic tools and software and protein biomarkers 

  • Academic Affiliations & Courses +
  • Activities & Honors +


    2000–pres. Editorial Board member, Circulation Research

    2000 AHA Top 10 research papers in 2000 for Murphy et al., Science.

    2001 Heart and Stroke of Ontario Career Investigator Award

    2001 Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA) for the Basic Science Council

    2001 Basmajian Top Research Award (Queen’s University, Faculty of Medicine)

    2002–pres. Editorial Board, Proteomics and Associate Editor, Technical Brief sections, Proteomics

    2003 NIH (NHLBI) Member of WG for Heart Failure and member of WG for Clinical Proteomics

    2003–pres. ISHR (International Society of Heart Research) North American Section Board Member

    2004–2008 AHA Basic Council Member-At-Large

    2005 FDA site visit team – assessment of Clinical Proteomics, and Labs of Immunology/Chemistry

    2005 Co-chair NHBLI workshop entitled “The next Step: population studies in the “OMIC” age”

    2006 Beckman Sponsored lecture, British Society of Proteome Research Meeting

    2007–2010 AHA Functional Genomics and Translational Science (IWG), chair (2008-2010)

    2007–pres. Senior editorial Broad, Proteomics, Clinical Applications

    2008–pres. Editorial Board, Circulation: Genetics

    2008–2012 NHBLI grant review panel permanent member (MIM)

    2009–pres. Consulting editor, Circulation Research

    2009–2012 Metabolic Disorders Steering Committee of Foundation for the NIH (FNIH) Biomarker Consortium, Atherosclerosis Biomarker Outcomes Working Group

    2009–2010 Institute of Medicine (National Academy), committee member on the Quantification of Biomarkers as Surrogate Endpoints

    2009–pres. International Society of Heart Research (ISHR), North American Section, Secretary

    2009–2012 Research Council Member, AHA mid-Atlantic

    2009 AHA top 10 research papers (Matt et al., Circ. 2009:120:526-32.)

    2010 Expert lecturer for Institute of Medicine (National Academy) for committee on accelerating rare diseases research and orphan product development

    2010 Dean’s lecture, Johns Hopkins University

    2010 Fellow of the International Society of Heart Research (ISHR)

    2010 Fellow of the American Heart Association in Functional Genomics and Translational Biology

    2011 Keynote address in CNHUPO (China HUPO), Hangzhou, China

    2011 The David Grimm Lecture, Ottawa Heart, Ottawa, Canada

    2011 AHA Top 10 research papers in Functional Genomics and Translational Research. (Cammarato A et al, Plos16:e18497)

    2012 The David Levine Mentorship Award (Johns Hopkins University)

    2013 AHA Top 10 research papers in Functional Genomics and Translational Research (Zhang et at., Circ. in press)

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  • Upcoming Events +

    Grand Rounds Lectures

    1. Jan. 2013  Biomarker development: brain and heart ischemia, Genome Science, Uni. Washington, WA
    2. Feb. 2013  Individualization of circulating biomarkers: the role of proteomics, Lillehei Heart Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
    3. Feb. 2013 The role of disease-modifying post-translational modifications in heart failure, Keynote for disease (Cardiovascular) initiative, US HUPO
    4. Feb. 2013 Transitioning technology to the .clinic US HUPO
    5. Mar. 2013 The role of disease-modifying PTMS in heart failure: complexity in designing new therapies. Plenary lecture, Proteome Forum, Berlin Germany
    6. Mar. 2013 Protein Biomarkers for Individualized Medicine: Heart and Brain Injury and Disease, Biomarker Forum, San Francisco.
    7. Mar. 2013 The role of disease-modifying PTMS in heart failure: complexity in designing new therapies. Keynote lecture, Stem Cell consortium, Ottawa Canada
    8. April. 2013 Proteomic development of biomarkers. Association for Clinical Biochemistry FOCUS 2013 national meeting, York UK
    9. April 2013  Use of proteomics to understand therapeutic challenages in heart failure. Focus, Berlin, Germany.
    10. May 2013 Disease-modifying post-translational modifications in heart failure: proteomics sheds light on therapeutic approaches, Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Indianapolis. Indiana
    11. April 2013 Development of Circulating Biomarkers for Brain and Cardiac Injury: from De Novo Discovery to Translation. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, New Jersey.
    12. May 2013 Development of Circulating Biomarkers for Brain and Cardiac Injury: from De Novo Discovery to Translation. Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS), Washington, DC
    13. June 2013 A high-throughput and reproducible workflow for MRM analysis of biological samples. American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), Minneapolis, MN
    14. June 2013 Integrating SWATH: Investigate PTMS in Heart and Vascular Diseases American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), Minneapolis, MN
    15. June 2013 ISHR Disease-modifying post-translational modifications in heart failure: proteomics sheds light on therapeutic approaches, International Society of Heart Research (ISHR) San Diego, CA155. July 2013 Integrating Proteomics: Tackling the unknowns in heart disease. Sinai Hospital (Pediatrics) New York.
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    • Medicine - Cardiovascular
    • Biological Chemistry
    • Biomedical Engineering

    For Research Inquiries Contact

    Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
    5200 Eastern Avenue
    Mason F. Lord Building,
    Center Tower Room 602
    Baltimore, MD 21224

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