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Photo of Dr. Susan Harvey

Susan Harvey, M.D.

Susan Caroline Harvey, M.D.
Director, Johns Hopkins Breast Imaging Section
Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science


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The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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  • Director, Johns Hopkins Breast Imaging Section
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital

600 N. Wolfe Street
Sheikh Zayed Tower 4120E
Baltimore, MD 21287 map
Phone: 410-955-7095
Fax: 410-614-7663

Johns Hopkins Medicine - Green Spring Station

Green Spring Station
10755 Falls Road
Pavilion I, Suite 440
Lutherville, MD 21093 map

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Appointment Phone: 410-550-8282

301 Mason Lord Drive
Suite 1300
Baltimore, MD 21224 map
Phone: 410-550-8282
Fax: 410-550-0282


Breast Biopsy, Breast Cancer, Breast Imaging , Diagnostic Radiology, Mammography, Stereotactic Biopsy, Tomosynthesis, Ultrasound

Research Interests

breast imaging and diagnosis outcomes


Dr. Susan C. Harvey is the director of breast imaging at Johns Hopkins. She is board certified in diagnostic radiology and is affiliated with Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. She practices out of locations around Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Dr. Harvey has a wide range of expertise in the field of breast imaging, including breast biopsies, breast cancer, diagnostic radiology, mammography, stereotactic biopsy, tomosynthesis and ultrasound. 

Dr. Harvey earned her undergraduate from Middlebury College and her medical degree from University of Vermont. She completed an internship in internal medicine and a residency in diagnostic radiology at Yale New Haven Hospital, followed by a fellowship in oncoradiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a fellowship in breast imaging and the treatment of breast diseases at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. Harvery joined Johns Hopkins in 2005 and she began serving as the director of breast imaging at Johns Hopkins Imaging site in Green Spring Station in 2008. 

Dr. Harvey is a member of the American College of Radiology, the American Roentgen Ray Society and the Society of Breast Imaging. 

Dr. Harvey has a clinical interest in breast imaging in the developing world. She has traveled to Haiti for this purpose and is working to have Johns Hopkins Breast Imaging play a role in breast cancer detection and treatment programs in Uganda through collaboration with Imaging the World. In addition, Dr. Harvey has received grant funding to conduct international work in South Africa. Dr. Harvey has contributed to numerous publications and presentations, as well as clinical trials. more

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    Additional Information

  • Education +


    • University of Vermont College of Medicine / MD (1990)


    • Yale-New Haven Hospital / Diagnostic Radiology (1995)


    • Brigham and Women's Hospital (1996)


    • American Board of Radiology / Diagnostic Radiology (1995)
  • Research & Publications +

    Selected Publications

    Original Reports:

    1. Lasko DD, Harvey SC, Malaikal SB, Kadlubar FF, Essigmann JM. Specificity of Mutagenesis by 4-Aminobiphenyl. Journal of Biological Chemistry 1988; 236:

    2. Harvey SC, DiPiro PJ, Meyer JE. Marked regression of a nonpalpable breast cancer after cessation of a hormone replacement therapy. AJR 1996; 167:394-395.

    3. Meyer JE, Smith DN, DiPiro PJ, Denison CM, Frenna TH, Harvey SC, Ko WD. Stereotaxic breast biopsy of clustered microcalcifications with a directional, vacuum-assisted device. Radiology 1997; 204:575-576.

    4. Meyer JE, Smith DN, Lester S, DiPiro PJ, Denison CM, Frenna TH, Harvey SC, Christian RL, Richardson A, Ko WD. Large core breast biopsy: nonmalignant abnormalities evaluated by surgical excision or a repeat core biopsy. Radiology 1998; 206:717-720.

    5. DiPiro PJ, Meyer JE, Denison CM, Frenna TH, Harvey SC, Smith DN. Image-guided core breast biopsy of ductal carcinoma in situ presenting as a non-calcified abnormality. Eur J of Radiol. 1999.Jun; 30(3):231-6.

    6. Harvey SC, Denison CM, Lester SL, DiPiro PJ, Smith DN, Meyer JE. Imaging features of fibrous nodules found on large-core needle biopsy of the breast. Radiology 1999 May; 211(2):535-40.

    7. Meyer JE, Smith DN, Lester SL, DiPiro PJ, Denison CM, Christian RL, Harvey SC, Selland DL, Durfee SM. Large-core needle biopsy of nonpalpable breast lesions. JAMA. 1999 May 5; 281(17):1638-41.

    8. Geller BM, Vacek PM, Drucker MJ, Harvey SC, Lehman CD, Oppenheimer RG. The predictive value of additional imaging studies following a standard screening mammogram. Submitted
    9. Harvey SC, Geller B, Oppenheimer RG, Pinet M, Garra BS. Increase in cancer detection rates independent double reading screening mammography. AJR 2003 May

    10. Harvey SC, Geller B, Vasic P, Closegros C. Variability in interpretation and accuracy of breast sonograms with film versus videotape. submitted 9/05

    11. Mobbs L, Jennecke E, Weaver D, Harvey SC

    12. Harvey SC, Geller B, Vasic P, Skelly J. The effect of Additional Imaging on the Sensitivity and Specificity of Screening Mammography. Submitted 10
  • Academic Affiliations & Courses +
  • Activities & Honors +


    • AOA, 2012


    • American College of Radiology
    • American Roentgen Ray Society
    • Society of Breast Imaging
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