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Lisa Kay Jacobs, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
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  • Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Associate Professor of Oncology

Centers & Institutes

  • Breast Center
  • Breast Center at Howard County General Hospital
  • Melanoma Program
  • Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center


Breast Cancer, General Surgery, Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Surgical Oncology

Research Interests

Quality of Life Research and Health Services Research in Breast Cancer and Melanoma


Dr. Jacobs specializes in melanoma and breast cancer. Her initial practice was at the University of Missouri at the Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center, which is the designated cancer center for the state. Since joining Johns Hopkins in 2004, she has taken a leadership role regarding clinical research trials for the surgical division of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center.  In 2012, Dr. Jacobs established a new breast center at Howard County General Hospital.  As director of that program, she treats patients with all types of breast disease and melanoma. 

Dr. Jacobs has a clinical interest in treatment of early stage melanoma. She has worked closely with dermatologists and medical oncologist at Johns Hopkins University and Howard County General Hospital to improve awareness and care of melanoma patients by participating in educational programs and clinical research trials.

Breast Cancer
Breast cancer care has been a focus of Dr. Jacobs clinical practice since finishing her surgical oncology fellowship. Her primary clinical interest is in improving overall quality of life for breast cancer patients. To achieve that goal, she has initiated research programs in lymphedema and oncoplastic surgery, which attempts to increase the number of women eligible for breast preservation by combining lumpectomy with plastic surgery techniques to reshape the breast.  In addition, she has a research funding to investigate a new device that may reduce the number of surgeries required to achieve breast preservation


  • English


Association of Academic Surgeons, 2004
Society of Surgical Oncology, 2004
The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association, 2004-present
Fellow of The American College of Surgeons, 2002
Candidate Group, American College of Surgeons, 1993
American College of Surgeons Oncology Group, 2001
American College of Surgeons Oncology Group, Auditor Training, 2001
American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Cancer Liaison Physician, University of MO-Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, 2002-2004
Fellow, American College of Surgeons, 2002

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  • Education +


    • Columbia School of Medicine (Columbia MO ) (1992)


    • George Washington University School of Medicine / General Surgery (Washington DC ) (1995)


    • University of Illinois College of Medicine / Oncology (Chicago IL ) (2000)
    • George Washington University School of Medicine / General Surgery (Washington DC ) (1998)


    • General, American Board of Surgery - Surgery (2009)
  • Research & Publications +

    Selected Publications

    Jain, A.; Haisfield-Wolfe, M.E.; Lange, J.; Ahuja, N.; Khouri, N.; Tsangaris, T.; Zhang, Z.; Balch, C.; Jacobs, L.K. The role of ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of axillary nodes in the staging of breast cancer. Ann Surg Oncol. 2008 Feb;15(2):462-471.

    Rosson, G.D.; Singh, N.K.; Ahuja, N.; Jacobs, L.K.; Chang, D.C. Multilevel analysis of the impact of community vs patient factors on access to immediate breast reconstruction following mastectomy in Maryland. Arch Surg. 2008 Nov;143(11):1076-1081; discusion 1081.

    Voltura, A.M.; Tsangaris, T.N.; Rosson, G.D.; Jacobs, L.K.; Flores, J.I.; Singh, N.K.; Argani, P.; Balch, C.M. Nipple-sparing mastectomy: critical assessment of 51 procedures and implications for selection criteria. Ann Surg Oncol. 2008 Dec;15(12):3396-3401.

    Balch, C.M.; Jacobs, L.K. Mastectomies on the rise for breast cancer: "the tide is changing". Ann Surg Oncol. 2009 Oct;16(10):2669-2672.

    Balmanoukian, A.; Zhang, Z.; Jeter, S.; Slater, S.; Armstrong, D.K.; Emens, L.A.; Fetting, J.H.; Wolff, A.C.; Davidson, N.E.; Jacobs, L.; Lange, J.; Tsangaris, T.N.; Zellars, R.; Gabrielson, E.; Stearns, V. African American women who receive primary anthracycline- and taxane-based chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer suffer worse outcomes compared with white women. J Clin Oncol. 2009 Aug 1;27(22):e35-37; author reply e38-39.

    Zellars, R.C.; Stearns, V.; Frassica, D.; Asrari, F.; Tsangaris, T.; Myers, L.; DiPasquale, S.; Lange, J.R.; Jacobs, L.K.; Emens, L.A.; Armstrong, D.K.; Fetting, J.H.; Garrett-Mayer, E.; Davidson, N.E.; Wolff, A.C. Feasibility trial of partial breast irradiation with concurrent dose-dense doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide in early-stage breast cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2009 Jun 10;27(17):2816-2822.
    Chumsri, S.; Jeter, S.; Jacobs, L.K.; Nassar, H.; Armstrong, D.K.; Emens, L.A.; Fetting, J.H.; Lange, J.R.; Riley, C.; Tsangaris, T.N.; Wolff, A.C.; Zellars, R.; Zhang, Z.; Stearns, V. Pathologic complete response to preoperative sequential doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide and single-agent taxane with or without trastuzumab in stage II/III HER2-positive breast cancer. Clin Breast Cancer. 2010 Feb;10(1):40-45.

    Jacobs, L.; Sukumar, S.; Stearns, V. Intraductal therapy for the prevention of breast cancer. Curr Opin Investig Drugs. 2010 Jun;11(6):646-652.

    Rosson, G.D.; Magarakis, M.; Shridharani, S.M.; Stapleton, S.M.; Jacobs, L.K.; Manahan, M.A.; Flores, J.I. A review of the surgical management of breast cancer: plastic reconstructive techniques and timing implications. Ann Surg Oncol. 2010 Jul;17(7):1890-1900.

    Stojadinovic, A.; Ahuja, N.; Nazarian, S.M.; Segev, D.L.; Jacobs, L.; Wang, Y.; Eberhardt, J.; Zeiger, M.A. Translational research in surgical disease. Arch Surg. 2010 Feb;145(2):187-196.

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    Meet Our Expert - Dr. Lisa Jacobs

    Dr. Lisa Jacobs is a surgical oncologist whose main focus is surgically treating breast cancer, including sentinel node biopsy, lumpectomy, and mastectomy. Dr. Jacobs also has clinical expertise in the surgical treatment of melanoma.

    Johns Hopkins Surgical Oncologists Get Personal

    Learn more about Johns Hopkins cancer surgery at The surgical oncology team at Johns Hopkins gets personal as they speak about their role in treating their patients and what the Promise of Medicine means to them.

    Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center describes what a patient can expect after a breast lump or abnormality is discovered including seeing a surgeon, surgical and non-surgical treatment options, and prognosis

    Mammogram Recommendations

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center shares recommendations on mammography including what age women should get a mammogram, advice for those at higher risk, and subsequent testing.

    Breast Lumps Causes, Types and Treatment

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center discusses breast lumps including how common they are, different types, causes, the effect of a family history, detection, and treatment.

    Lumpectomy, Mastectomy and Reconstruction after Breast Cancer

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center explains some of the surgical and non-surgical treatment options for breast cancer including lumpectomy and mastectomy as well as breast reconstruction options.

    Surgical Breast Biopsy Options

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center describes several common types of breast biopsy procedures including excisional biopsy, wire localization biopsy, skin punch biopsy, and Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy.

    Common Types of Breast Cancer Biopsy

    Dr. Lisa K. Jacobs, Johns Hopkins Breast Surgeon and Director of the HCGH Breast Center explains when a breast biopsy is needed and the most common types of procedures including MRI/Ultrasound guided and core needle (sterotactic) biopsy, and what a patient should expect following a breast biopsy.

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    Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
    601 N. Caroline Street
    Johns Hopkins Breast Center
    4th Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21287
    Phone: 410-502-0197
    Appointment Phone: 443-287-2778
    Location Map
    Howard County General Hospital Health Care and Surgery Center
    5759 Cedar Lane
    First Floor
    Columbia, MD 21044
    Appointment Phone: 410-884-4744
    Location Map
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital
    600 N. Wolfe Street
    Melanoma Program
    Baltimore, MD 21287
    Phone: 410-502-0197
    Appointment Phone: 410-616-7660
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    • Surgery - Surgical Oncology

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