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Photo of Dr. Ann O'Shea Scheimann, MD

Ann O'Shea Scheimann, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
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The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Centers & Institutes

  • Comprehensive Transplant Center


Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Liver Transplant

Research Interests

Prader-willi Syndrome; Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease


  • English

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  • Education +


    • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs and Admissions (Cincinnati OH ) (1990)


    • Baylor College of Medicine / Pediatric Gastroenterology (Houston TX ) (1996)


    • Pediatrics, American Board of Pediatrics (2009)
    • Pediatric Gastroenterology, American Board of Pediatrics (2005)
  • Research & Publications +

    Selected Publications

    Powell, DR., Allander, SV., Scheimann, AO., Wasserman, RM., Durham, SK., Suwanichkul, A. Multiple Proteins Bind the Insulin Response Element in the Human IGFBP-1 Promoter. Progress in Growth Factor Research, 1995 6(2-4):93-101.

    Allander SV, Durham SK., Scheimann AO, Wasserman RM, Suwanichkul A, Powell DR. Hepatic Nuclear Factor 3 and High Mobility Group I/Y Proteins Bind the Insulin Response Element of the Insulin-like Growth Factor-binding protein-1 Promoter, Endocrinology, 1997;138(10): 4291-300.

    Durham SK., Suwanichkul A, Scheimann AO., Yee D, Jackson JG., Barr FG., Powell DR. FKHR Binds the Insulin Response Element in the Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding-protein-1 Promoter, Endocrinology, 1999;140(7): 3140-6.

    Ellis KJ., Scheimann AO, Lee, PDK. Body Composition Measurements: Application in Prader-willi Syndrome, The Endocrinologist, July 2000, 10(4): 57S-63S.

    Scheimann AO, Durham SK, Suwanichkul A, Snuggs MB, Powell DR. The Role of Three FKHR Phosphorylation Sites in Insulin Inhibition of FKHR Action in Hepatocytes. Hormone Metabolic Research, 2001 November; 33: 631-8.

    Stevenson DA, Heinemann J, Angulo M, Butler MG, Loker J, Rupe N, Kendell P, Clericuzio CL, Scheimann AO. Deaths Due to Choking in Prader-Willi Syndrome. Am J Med Genet A. 2007 Mar 1;143(5):484-7.

    Scheimann AO, Strautnieks SS, Knisely AS, Byrne JA,Thompson R, Finegold M. Mutations in Bile Salt Export Pump (ABCB11) in Two Children with Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis and Cholangiocarcinoma. J Pediatr. 2007 May;150(5):556-9.

    Stevenson DA, Heineman J, Angulo M, Butler MG, Loker J, Kendell P, Cassidy S, Scheimann AO. Gastric Rupture and Necrosis in Prader-willi Syndrome. J Pediatr Gastro Nutr 2007;45:272-4.

    Scheimann AO, Butler MG, Cuffari C, Gourash L, Klish W. Critical Analysis of Bariatric Procedures in Prader-willi Syndrome. JPGN (in press).

    Williams K, Scheimann A, Sutton V, Hayslett E, Glaze D. Sleepiness and Sleep Disordered Breathing in Prader-willi Syndrome: Relationship to Genotype, Growth Hormone Therapy and Body Composition. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (in press).
  • Academic Affiliations & Courses +
  • Activities & Honors +


    1986 - Montgomery County Medical Society Award, Brother Molz Memorial Service Award, Whisman Academic Scholarship to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    1990 - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Alumni Association Service Award

    2002 - National Scientific Advisory Board for the Prader-willi Syndrome Association, Accepted for Membership in the American Association for the Advancement of the Study of Liver Disease

    2007 - International Scientific Advisory Board for the International Prader-willi Syndrome Association

    Professional Activities

    1993-1995 - Clinical Fellowship Grant, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

    2002 - 2008 - Pediatric principal investigator in NIH funded Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease program project grant. DK61713-02 (Anna Mae Diehl, lead investigator)

    2005-2009 - Mount Washington Pediatric Foundation Grant Award to develop Weigh Smart, a comprehensive pediatric weight management program; Prader-willi Syndrome Association research award to study the role of dietary intake upon gastrointestinal peptides and autonomic feedback in individuals with Prader-willi Syndrome and obese patients; Consultant for Johns Hopkins University/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Patterns of Obesity Care Study
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    The Johns Hopkins Hospital
    600 N. Wolfe Street
    Sheikh Zayed Tower
    Baltimore, MD 21287
    Phone: 410-955-8765
    Appointment Phone: 410-955-8769
    Fax: 410-955-1464
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    • Pediatrics - Gastroenterology and Nutrition

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