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Jennifer Lanier Payne, M.D.

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Lanier Payne, M.D.

Director, Women's Mood Disorders Center

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Expertise: Adult Psychiatry, Depression, Mood Disorders, Psychiatry, Women's Mood Disorders

Research Interests: Clinical trials of novel therapeutics in depression and bipolar disorder; Hormonal influences on mood and mood disorders; Women and mood disorders; The genetics of depression and bipolar disorder more

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Appointment Phone: 410-502-7449

600 N. Wolfe Street
Sheikh Zayed Tower Suite 308
Baltimore, MD 21287 map
Phone: 410-955-2295
Fax: 410-502-3755



  • Director, Women's Mood Disorders Center
  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Departments / Divisions

Centers & Institutes



  • MD; Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine (1997)


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science / Psychiatry (2001)


  • National Institutes of Health-Credentialing Services Section / Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program (2003)

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology / Psychiatry (2002, 2017)

Research & Publications

Selected Publications

  1. Payne, J.L., Potash J.B., and DePaulo, J.R. (2005). "Recent Findings on the Genetic Basis of Bipolar Disorder." Psychiatric Clinics of North America; 28 (2):481-498.
  2. Zarate, C.A., Payne, J.L., Quiroz, J.A., Sporn, J., Denicoff, K.K., Luckenbaugh, D., Charney, D.S., and Manji, H.K. (2004). "An open-label trial of riluzole in patients with treatment-resistant major depression." American Journal of Psychiatry, 161: 171-174.
  3. Manji, H.K., Quiroz, J.A., Sporn, J., Payne, J.L., Denicoff, K., Gray, N., Chen, G., Zarate, C.A., and Charney, D.S. (2003). "Enhancing synaptic plasticity and cellular resilience to develop novel, improved therapeutics for difficult to treat depression." Biological Psychiatry, 53: 707-742.
  4. Manji, H.K., Quiroz, J.A., Payne, J.L., Singh, J., Lopes, B.P., Viegas, J.S., and Zarate, C.A. (2003). "The underlying neurobiology of bipolar disorder." World Psychiatry, 2(3): 136-146.
  5. Payne, J.L. (2003). "The role of estrogen in mood disorders in women." International Review of Psychiatry, 15: 279-289.
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