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Photo of Dr. Hetty Eileen Carraway, MD

Hetty Eileen Carraway, MD

Cancer Biology Program and Division of Hematological Malignancies
Assistant Professor of Oncology
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Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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  • Cancer Biology Program and Division of Hematological Malignancies
  • Assistant Professor of Oncology


Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Chronic Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, General Internal Medicine, Hematologic Malignancies, Leukemia, Myelodysplasia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Myeloproliferative Disorders

Research Interests

Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Acute Leukemia; Epigenetics


Hetty E. Carraway is an Assistant Professor of Oncology and Medicine at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. She received her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts, completed internship and residency in the Department of Medicine on the Osler Service at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and completed her Oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She also obtained her MBA in the Business of Health from the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins. She has been on faculty in the Department of Hematological Malignancies since 2005. She is a translational clinical scientist, with a research focus on experimental therapeutics of acute leukemias, including using novel biological agents (such as epigenetic agents) for adults with acute leukemias as well as new approaches to the treatment of refractory acute leukemias. She is an active participant in ECOG/SWOG/CALGB studies for adult lymphocytic leukemia.


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    • Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore MD) (2008)
    • University of Massachusetts Medical Center (Worcester MA) (1998)


    • The Johns Hopkins Hospital/ Internal Medicine (Baltimore MD) (2001)


    • The Johns Hopkins Hospital/ Senior Clinical Fellow (Baltimore MD) (2005)
    • The Johns Hopkins Hospital/ Oncology (Baltimore MD) (2003)


    • Medical Oncology, American Board of Internal Medicine (2009)
    • Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine (2005)
  • Research & Publications +

    Selected Publications

    Journal Citations
    Fenton H, Carlile B, Montgomery EA, Carraway HE, Herman J, Sahin F, Su GH, Argani P. LKB1 protein expression in human breast cancer. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol 2006; 14:146-153.

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    Brandes JC, Carraway H, Herman JG. Optimal primer design using the novel primer design program: MSP primer provides accurate methylation analysis of the ATM promoter. Oncogene 2007; 26:6229-6237.

    Karp JE, Ricklis RM, Balakrishnan K, Briel J, Greer J, Gore SD, Smith BD, McDevitt MA, Carraway H, Levis MJ, Gandhi V. A phase I clinical-laboratory study of clofarabine followed by cyclophosphamide for adults with refractory acute leukemias. Blood 2007; 110:1762-1769.

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    Swinnen LJ, Rankin C, Carraway H, Albain KS, Townsend JJ, Budd GT, Kish JA, Rivkin SE, Blumenthal DT. A phase II study of cisplatin preceded by a 12-h continuous infusion of concurrent hydroxyurea and cytosine arabinoside (Ara-C) for adult patients with malignant gliomas (Southwest Oncology Group S9149). J Neurooncol 2008; 86:353-358.

    Jiemjit A, Fandy TE, Carraway H, Bailey KA, Baylin S, Herman JG, Gore SD. p21(WAF1/CIP1) induction by 5-azacytosine nucleosides requires DNA damage. Oncogene 2008; 27:3615-3623.

    Suzuki H, Toyota M, Carraway H, Gabrielson E, Ohmura T, Fujikane T, Nishikawa N, Sogabe Y, Nojima M, Sonoda T, Mori M, Hirata K, Imai K, Shinomura Y, Baylin SB, and Tokino T. Frequent epigenetic inactivation of Wnt antagonist genes in breast cancer. Br J Cancer 2008; 98:1147-1156.

    Carraway HE, Wang S, Blackford A, Guo M, Powers P, Jeter S, Davidson NE, Argani P, Terrell K, Herman JG, Lange JR. Promoter hypermethylation in sentinel lymph nodes as a marker for breast cancer recurrence. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2009; 114:315-25. Epub 2008, Apr 11.

    Guo M, Ren J, Brock MV, Herman JG, Carraway H. Promoter hypermethylation of HIN-1 in the progression to esophageal squamous cancer. Epigenetics 2008; 3:1-7.

    Bailey V, Easwaran H, Zhang Y, Griffiths E, Belinsky S, Herman J, Baylin S, Carraway H*, Wang T. MS-qFRET: A quantum dot-based method for analysis of DNA methylation. Genome Res 2009; 19:1455-61.(*co-corresponding author)

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    Figueroa M, Skrabanek L, Li Y, Jiemjit A, Fandy T, Paietta E, Tallman M, Greally J, Carraway H, Licht J, Gore S, Melnick A. MDS and secondary AML display unique patterns and abundance of aberrant DNA methylation. Blood (Epub: Aug 3, 2009).

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    Griffiths EA, Burns K, Hooker C, McDevitt M, Karp JE, Herman JG, Carraway HE. Acute myeloid leukemia is characterized by Wnt pathway inhibitor promoter methylation. Hematologica (submitted, Oct 2009).

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  • Activities & Honors +


    October 2002 Scholarship to present poster at the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. Poster titled, Hypermethylation as a Molecular Marker for Breast Cancer.

    July 2003 Scholarship to attend week long ASCO/AACR Workshop. Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, an intensive workshop in the essentials of effective clinical trial design for clinical fellows and junior faculty clinical researchers in all subspecialties, including radiation and surgical oncology. Vail, Colorado.

    July 2007 Scholarship to attend Communication Skills Training Course for Medical Oncology Faculty, Onco-teach. Principal Investigator: Dr. Anthony Bach from University of Washington School of Medicine. Two separate week long courses geared towards improving teaching skills for physician-patient communication and delivering bad news.

    August 2010 Leadership Program for Women Faculty: Cohort program made up of 9 monthly half day sessions from Oct-June 2011. One of 30 women accepted into the program which is led by School of Medicine office of women in science and medicine (OWISM) and office of faculty development (OFD) and office of talent management and organization development (TMOD) at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland.

    August 2010 Abstract Reviewer and Moderator for MDS session at annual ASH symposium

    December 2010 Myelodysplastic Syndromes 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.

    May 2011 NCCN Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Panel, Representative from Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Panel Member.

    August 2011 Coordinating Reviewer for MDS abstracts and
    Abstract Reviewer and Moderator for MDS session at annual ASH symposium,

    December 2011 Myelodysplastic Syndromes 53nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

    Professional Activities

    MBA - Master of Business Administration
    School of Professional Studies in Business and Education
    Graduate Division of Business and Management
    Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland
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    Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center
    401 N. Broadway
    Cancer Research Building-1 Room Room 290
    Baltimore, MD 21231
    Phone: 410-502-5847
    Appointment Phone: 410-955-8964
    Fax: 410-614-9884
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