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John Joseph Strouse, M.D.

Photo of Dr. John Joseph Strouse, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


Expertise: Anemias, Bleeding Disorders, Blood Disorders, Clotting Disorders, Hematology , Oncology, Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Sickle Cell Disease, Stroke, Thrombocytopenias more

Research Interests: Venous thromboembolism; Stroke in the young; Sickle cell disease; Renal medullary carcinoma; Neuroimaging; Melanoma; Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders; Iron deficiency; High Altitude Medicine; Quality Improvement more


Johns Hopkins Pediatrics
Appointment Phone: 410-955-6132

200 N. Wolfe Street
Rubenstein Child Health Building
Baltimore, MD 21287 map
Phone: 410-955-6132
Fax: 410-955-8208

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Appointment Phone: 443-287-8288

601 N. Caroline St.
Sickle Cell Infusion Center for Adults, Room 136
Baltimore, MD 21287 map
Phone: 443-287-8288


Dr. John J. Strouse is an assistant professor of pediatrics and medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His clinical expertise focuses on the treatment of blood disorders.

A graduate of Princeton University, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Award recipient, he received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins in 1996. Following a combined residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Rochester School Of Medicine, he was a fellow in hematology and pediatric oncology at the National Institutes of Health, and a fellow in pediatric hematology/oncology at Johns Hopkins. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical investigation from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Among his chief research interests is the study of the relationship between cerebral blood flow, intellectual development, and stroke in children and adults with sickle cell disease 

Dr. Strouse has received numerous awards for his research and was named a Clinical Research Scholar by the National Institutes of Health. He has published extensively and is a reviewer for several journals. He is a fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of numerous professional societies including the American College of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine. more


  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Centers & Institutes



  • M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Maryland) (1996)

Research & Publications

Clinical Trial Keywords

pain, cognitive function, stroke, sickle cell disease

Clinical Trials

Hydroxyurea to Prevent Brain Injury in Sickle Cell Disease (HUPrevent)

Selected Publications

Gullison RE, Panfil SN, Strouse JJ, Hubbell SP. Ecology and Management of Mahogany(Swietenia macrophylla King) in the Chimanes Forest, Beni, Bolivia. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 1996;122(1):9-34.

Ramirez-Cardich ME, Saito M, Gilman RH, Escate LE, Strouse JJ, Kabrhel C, Johnson C, Galchen R, Bautista CT. Effect of Maternal Anemia at High Altitude on Infant Oxygenation. American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2004 Apr;70(4):420-4.

Strouse JJ*, Fears TF, Tucker MP, Wayne AS. Pediatric Melanoma: Risk Factor and Survival Analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Database, Journal of Clinical Oncology 2005;23:4735-4741, PMID 16034049.

Strouse JJ*, Cox C, Melhem E, Lu H, Kraut M, Razumovsky A, Yohay K, Zijl P, Casella JF. Inverse Correlation Between Cerebral Blood Flow Measured by Continuous Arterial Spin-Labeling (CASL) MRI and Neurocognitive Function in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA), Blood 2006;108:379-381, PMID 16537809.

Strouse JJ*, Hulbert ML, DeBaun MR, Jordan LR, Casella JF. Primary Hemorrhagic Stroke in Children with Sickle Cell Disease is Associated with Recent Transfusion and Use of Corticosteroids. Pediatrics 2006;118(5):1916-24, PMID 17079562.

Strouse JJ*, Takemoto CM, Keefer JR, Kato GJ, Casella JF. Corticosteroids and Increased Risk of Readmission after Acute Chest Syndrome in Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Pediatric Blood and Cancer 2008;50(5):1006-12, PMID 1784974.

Finberg KE, Heeney MM, Campagna DR, Aydinok Y, Pearson HA, Hartman KR, Mayo MM, Samuel SM, Strouse JJ, Andrews NC, Fleming MD. Mutations in TMPRSS6 Cause Iron-Refractory, Iron Deficiency Anemia (IRIDA). Nature Genetics 2008;40:569-571, PMID 18408718.

Segal JB, Strouse JJ, Beach MC, Haywood C, Witkop C, Park H, Wilson RF, Bass EB, Lanzkron S. Hydroxyurea for the treatment of sickle cell disease. Evidence Report Technology Assessment (Full Report). 2008;165:1-95, PMID 18457478.

Lanzkron S, Strouse JJ, Beach MC, Haywood C, Park H, Witkop K, Bass E, Segal J. Hydroxyurea for Sickle Cell Disease: A Systematic Review for Efficacy and Toxicity in Adults. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2008;148(12):939-55, PMID 18458272.

Strouse JJ*, Lanzkron S, Beach MC, Haywood C, Park H, Witkop K, Bass E, Segal J. Hydroxyurea for Sickle Cell Disease: A Systematic Review for Efficacy and Toxicity in Children. Pediatrics. 2008;122:1332-1342, PMID 19047254.

Strouse JJ*, Tamma P, Kickler T, Takemoto, CM. D-Dimer for the Diagnosis of Venous Thromboembolism in Children. American Journal of Hematology. 2009 Jan;84(1):62-3, PMID 19006230.

Strouse JJ*, Jordan LC, Lanzkron S, Casella JF. The Excess Burden of Stroke in Hospitalized Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. American Journal of Hematology, 2009;84(9):548-52.

Haywood C, Beach MC, Lanzkron S, Strouse JJ, Wilson R, Park H, Witkop C, Bass E, Segal J. Title: A systematic review of barriers and interventions to improve appropriate use of therapies for sickle cell disease, Journal of the National Medical Association, 2009;101:1022-1033

Bundy DG, Strouse JJ, Casella JF, Miller MR. Burden of Influenza-related Hospitalizations among Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Pediatrics, 2010;125(2):234-43.

Casella JF, King AA, Barton B, White SA, Noetzel MJ, Ichord RN, Terrill C, Hirtz D, McKinstry RC, Strouse JJ, Howard TH, Coates TD, Minniti CP, Vendt BA, Lehmann H, Debaun MR. Design of the Silent Infarct Transfusion (SIT) Trial. Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Mar;27(2):69-89.

Jordan LC, McKinstry RC, Kraut MA, Ball WS, Vendt BA, Casella JF, DeBaun MR, Strouse JJ*. Incidental Findings on Brain MRI of Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Pediatrics, 2010;126(1):53-61, PMCID: PMC3153884

Strouse JJ*, Reller, ME, Bundy, DG. Amoako M, Cancio, M, Han RN, Valsamakis A, Casella JF. Severe Pandemic H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza in Children and Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. Blood, 2010;116(18):3431-4, PMCID: PMC2981471

Bembea MM, Savage W, Strouse JJ, Schwartz, JM, Graham E, Thompson C, Everett A. Glial fibrillary acidic protein as a brain injury biomarker in children undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 2011;12(5):572-9.

Qin Q, Strouse JJ, van Zijl PC. Fast Measurement of blood T(1) in the human jugular vein at 3 Tesla. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2011;65:1297-1304.

Bundy DG, Strouse JJ, Casella JF, Miller MR. Urgency of emergency department visits by children with sickle cell disease: A comparison of three chronic conditions. Academic Pediatrics, 2011;11(4):333-41.

Reller ME, Bodinayake C, Nagahawatte A, Devasiri V, Kodikara-Arachichi W, Strouse JJ, Flom JE, Dumler JS, Woods CW. Paired Serology Identifies Leptospirosis as a Frequent Cause of Acute Febrile Illness in Southern Sri Lanka, Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2011:17(9):1678-84.

Mu E, Lange JR, Strouse JJ.* Comparison of the Use and Results of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Children and Young Adults with Melanoma. Cancer, 2012;118(1):2700-7.

DeBaun MR, Sarnaik SA, Rodeghier MJ, Minniti CP, Howard TH, Iyer RV, Inusa B, Telfer PT, Kirby-Allen M, Quinn CT, Bernaudin F, Airewele G, Woods GM, Panepinto JA, Fuh B, Kwiatkowski JK, King AA, Rhodes MM, Thompson AA, Heiny ME, Redding-Lallinger RC, Kirkham FJ, Sabio H, Gonzalez CE, Saccente SL, Kalinyak KA, Strouse JJ, Fixler JM, Gordon MO, Miller JP, Ichord RN, Casella JF: Associated Risk Factors for Silent Cerebral Infarcts in Sickle Cell Anemia: Low Baseline Hemoglobin, Gender and Relative High Systolic Blood Pressure. Blood, 2012;119(16):3684-90.

Reller ME, Bodinayake C, Nagahawatte A, Devasiri V, Kodikara-Arachichi W, Strouse JJ, Broadwater A, Ostbye T, de Silva A, Woods CW. Unsuspected Dengue Causes Acute Febrile Illness in Young Adults in Rural and Semi-Urban Southern Sri Lanka, Emerging Infectious Diseases 18:256-63, 2012.

Bundy DG, Mushelli J, Clemens GD, Strouse JJ, Thompson RE, Casella JF, Miller MR. Ambulatory Connections of Medicaid-Insured Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Pediatric Blood and Cancer, 15 Mar 2012 - doi:10.1002/pbc.24129.

Reller ME, Bodinayake C, Nagahawatte A, Devasiri V, Kodikara-Arachichi W, Strouse JJ, Flom JE, Ostbye T, Woods CW Dumler JS. Unsuspected Rickettsioses among Patients with Acute Febrile Illness, Sri Lanka, 2007. Emerging Infectious Diseases.2012;18(5)825-9.

Quinn CT, McKinstry RC, Dowling MM, Ball WS, Kraut MA, Casella JF, Dlamini N, Ichord RN, Jordan LC, Kirkham FJ, Noetzel MJ, Roach ES, Strouse JJ, Kwiatkowski JL, Hirtz D, DeBaun MR. Acute Silent Cerebral Ischemic Events in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia. Annals of Neurology, October 29, 2012.doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2013.576

Darbari DS, Desai D, Arnaldez F, Desai K, Kallen J, Strouse J, Streiff MB, Hong K, Takemoto CM. Safety and Efficacy of Catheter Directed Thrombolysis in Children with Deep Venous Thrombosis, British Journal of Haematology, in press.

Bembea M, Schwartz J, Shah N, Colantuoni E, Lehmann C, Kickler T, Pronovost P, Strouse J. Anticoagulation monitoring during pediatric extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ASAIO Journal, in press.

Amoako M, Casella JF, Strouse JJ.* High Rates of Recurrent Biliary Tract Obstruction in Children with Sickle Cell Disease Pediatric Blood and Cancer, in press.

Strouse JJ*, Spevak M, Mack AK, Small D, Arceci R, Loeb DM. Significant Responses to Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Renal Medullary Carcinoma, Pediatric Blood and Cancer 2005;44(4):407-411, PMID 15602719.

Gamper CJ, Takemoto CM, Schowinsky J, Borowitz MJ, Horwitz MS, Strouse JJ. Lymphadenopathy as the Primary Manifestation of Malignant Transformation in Two Patients with Severe Congenital Neutropenia. Pediatric Blood and Cancer 2008;50(5):1072-5, PMID 18213714

Garg A, Trent ME, Strouse JJ, Mitchell SE, Rowe PC. Delayed Diagnosis of Iliac Vein Thrombus in a Sexually-Active Adolescent with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. 2009;22(3):e29-32, PMID 19539193.

Raabe E, Keefer J, Mitchell S Hong K, DiFazio M, Strouse J. Subtotal splenic embolization is a safe and effective treatment for isolated splenic vascular tumors associated with consumptive coagulopathy. Journal of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 2011;33:383-6.

Strouse JJ*, Lanzkron S, Urrutia The epidemiology, evaluation, and treatment of stroke in adults with sickle cell disease. Expert Reviews Hematology, 2011;4(6)597-606.

Saver JL, Warach S, Janis S, Odenkirchen J, Becker K, Benavente O, Broderick J, Dromerick A, Duncan P, Elkind MSV, Johnston K, Kidwell CS, Meschia JF, Schwamm L for the NINDS Stroke Common Data Element Working Group. Standardizing the Structure of Stroke Clinical and Epidemiologic Research Data: The NINDS Stroke Common Data Element (CDE) Project, Stroke. 2012;43(4):967-973. Dr. Strouse was a member of the working group.

Strouse JJ*, Heeney MM. Hydroxyurea for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease: Efficacy, Barriers, Toxicity, and Management in Children. Pediatric Blood and Cancer, published on-line 4/24/12, DOI 10.1002/pbc.24178.

Activities & Honors


  • Elected to Delta Omega, Public Health Honorary Society, 2010
  • Clinical Research Scholars Award, American Society of Hematology, 2006 - 2009
  • Clinical Scientist Development Award, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, 2005 - 2009
  • Clinical Research Scholar, National Institutes of Health, 2005 - 2006
  • Brigid Leventhal Merit Award for top abstract by a pediatric oncology fellow, ASCO Foundation, 2004


  • American Academy of Pediatrics, 2004
  • American Board of Hematology, 2006
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, 2000
  • American Board of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 2005
  • American Board of Pediatrics, 2000
  • American College of Physician/American Society of Internal Medicine, 1997
  • American Society of Hematology, 2005
  • American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 2002
  • National Board of Medical Examiners, 1997

Professional Activities

  • Committee on Practice, American Society of Hematology
    Subcommittee on Quality
  • Lead, NHLBI-HRSA Hemoglobinopathy Uniform Medical Language Ontology
    Neurology Work Group
  • Public Health Taskforce, American Society of Hematology
  • Quality Taskforce, American Society of Hematology
  • Reviewer , Blood
  • Reviewer , Pediatric Blood and Cancer
  • Reviewer , Pediatrics
  • Reviewer , British Journal of Haematology
  • Reviewer , American Journal of Hematology
  • Reviewer , JAMA
  • Scientific Committee on Hemoglobin/Red Cell, American Society of Hematology
  • Steering Committee, Sickle Cell Adult Provider Network, 2011
  • Stroke Common Data Elements Working Group, NINDS
  • Working Group in Blood Disorders and Blood Safety, Healthy People 2020
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