July 22, 2002
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Hopkins To Hold Mock Disaster Drill at White Marsh  

On July 23, at 5 p.m., Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP), a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine providing primary and secondary care to over 100,000 patients throughout central Maryland, will face an unimaginable medical disaster --- detonation of a "dirty" radiation bomb in northern Baltimore County.

More than 50 Hopkins physicians, nurses and staff, assisted by Baltimore County emergency personnel, will swing into action, triaging and treating "injured" patients, and setting up decontamination areas to clean those "contaminated" with radiation during the two-hour exercise.

Although it's a drill, Hopkins medical staff are taking it seriously, following the same procedures they would if the disaster was real. "We are conducting these disaster drills in each of our four coverage areas throughout central Maryland," says Barbara Cook, M.D., acting president of JHCP. "We want to ensure that we are well prepared to do the best job we can in helping our community and our patients in the unfortunate event of a real disaster. Preparation and training are key to our ability to respond effectively to a major disaster, and this is what these drills are all about."

Johns Hopkins at White Marsh, located on Honeygo Boulevard, is a two-story medical complex offering primary and specialty care, a comprehensive radiology facility and a medical laboratory.

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