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Psychology Training and Education

The Department of PM&R has a faculty of 7 psychologists specializing in rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology. We offer training programs in:

  • Psychology Masters Externship – research only
  • Psychology Doctoral Externship – clinical and research
  • Post-doctoral Residencies: training programs in both Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology.

The post-doctoral residencies are full-time, two-year programs focused on the assessment and treatment of adult patients with a wide range of injuries, illnesses, disabilities, and acute and chronic health conditions. The goals are to provide an organized sequence of didactic and experiential education and training activities, with focused supervision and mentoring, whereby residents can develop advanced competencies in the specialty area sufficient for independent practice and eligibility for board certification, and leadership in patient care and research. Training experiences include:

  • Inpatient stroke and neuro-rehabilitation
  • Spinal cord/related and orthopedic disorders
  • Inpatient complex medical rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation/neuro-rehabilitation

For more information, download a detailed description of:

Residency in Rehabilitation Psychology or the Residency in Neuropsychology.

William Stiers, Ph.D.
Fellowship Director