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Occupational Therapy Clinical Education

Our Clinical Education team is extremely proud to provide programming that is innovative and beyond basic fieldwork or residency offerings. Our program is multidisciplinary, and we work closely with our university partners to bring exciting and multifaceted clinical education opportunities. Students and residents can expect to be both challenged and supported and can expect that time spent in the JHH Clinical Education program offers a pivotal and valuable experience for future professional career advancement. Our Occupational Therapy Programming includes:

  1. Fieldwork Education
  2. Residencies/Fellowships
  3. Continuing Education
  4. University Relationships/Other

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education

Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Our program provides clinical education to occupational therapy students enrolled in colleges and universities that have established contractual agreements with our occupational therapy program. These arrangements are made by the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator of clinical education at each student's college, not by The Johns Hopkins Hospital. If you have been assigned fieldwork by your university program, please review the information contained here regarding our educational programs, including necessary questionnaires and forms; housing, parking and transportation arrangements; and contact information:

Please note that neither Johns Hopkins University nor The Johns Hopkins Hospital has an occupational therapy school. If you are interested in obtaining information about Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapist Assistant educational programs, please visit the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Jan J. Jaskulski, M.S., OTR/L
Occupational Therapy

Fieldwork Coordinator
Phone: 410-955-9735

Occupational Therapy Residencies/Fellowships

We are excited that our Occupational Therapy residency programming is under development. Check back with us for programming related to mental health as well as physical disabilities specialties across the spectrum of acute care/medically complex patient populations, inpatient rehabilitation patient populations, and outpatient populations.

Johns Hopkins Mental Health Occupational Therapy Residency

The Johns Hopkins Hospital offers a residency program, in candidacy status, by the American Occupational Therapy Association that includes the following core elements:

  • Specialized skills and knowledge in the area of mental health
  • Advanced clinical practice across continuum of care
  • Evidence-based high-quality service delivery
  • Advocacy and marketing opportunities
  • Teaching and mentorship opportunities
  • Participation in research for presentation or publication

The residency accomplishes in one year what may otherwise take many years to achieve professionally. Completion of the program meets some of the requirements for application to AOTA Board Certification in Mental Health. It also prepares the resident for subsequent promotion along the clinical ladder beyond the level of peers without specialist certification. As an employee of the Johns Hopkins Health System, the resident will receive a salary, medical benefits, and other full-time employee benefits including paid time off. 


Occupational Therapy Continuing Education

We offer several Occupational Therapy continuing education courses per year that are in house for our staff and for community participants when space allows.

Occupational Therapy University Relationships/ Other

Our philosophy emphasizes the active participation with our academic counterparts, for example capitalizing upon opportunities to conduct Occupational Therapy related research, produce clinical scholarly projects, and share new collaboration. Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact The Johns Hopkins Hospital volunteer office at

Occupational Therapy Student Welcome Letter