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Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Wednesday Seminar Series

PLEASE NOTE Effective March of 2014, seminars will be held at 3:00 p.m.!

January 2014 - February 2014, seminars will be held
at 4:00 p.m.
in the West Lecture Hall.


Unless Otherwise Specified,
Seminars are Held in the West Lecture Hall
Ground Floor, Wood Basic Science Building
from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. startng on March 5, 2014!




August 28, 2013New Student Get TogetherCole/Liu
September 4, 2013Jillian Prendergast/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Ron Schnaar
September 18, 2013David Bolduc/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Phil Cole
October 2, 2013Kossiakoff Lecture (Tony Kossiakoff - Speaker)Biophysics
October 9, 2013  
October 16, 2013Frank Vendetti, Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library (11 AM)
Charlie Rudin
October 23, 2012Ron Bose, MD, PhD/Div of Oncology/Univ of WashingtonPhil Cole
October 30, 2013  
November 6, 2013Yan Zhang, PhD/Chem & Biochem/UTX @ AustinJin Zhang
November 13, 2013Amina Woods, PhD/Structural Biology/NIH-NIDAPhil Cole
November 20, 2012Dohme Lecture Honoring Dr. Robert J. Cotter (Mountcastle Auditorium,  9:00 AM - 3:30 PM)Cole/Gibson
December 4, 2013Jessica Smith/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Caren Meyers
December 11, 2013Ted Dawson, MD, PhD/ICE/JHUJames Barrow
December 18, 2013Elisabeth Hersman/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Namandje Bumpus
January 8, 2014James Berger, PhD/Biophysics/JHUTerry Shapiro
January 15, 2014Nathan Magarvey, PhD/Bichemistry/McMaster Univ (4:00 PM)Caren Meyers
January 22, 2014Fengyi Wan, PhD/Biochem & Molec Biol/JHBSPH (4:00 PM)Phil Cole
January 29, 2014Joel Freundlich, PhD/Pharm & Physiol/Rutgers NJM (4:00 PM)Caren Meyers
February 5, 2014Romeo Papayazan/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
February 12, 2014Linda Hsieh-Wilson, PhD/Chemistry/CALTECHJun Liu
February 19, 2014Akrita Bhatnagar/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Martin Pomper
February 26, 2014
Justin Hanes, PhD/Wilmer Eye Institute/JHU
Phil Cole

Seminars Listed Below Will Begin At 3:00 P.M.!!!

March 5, 2014Andrew Murkin, PhD/Chemistry/SUNY BuffaloCaren Meyers
March 12, 2014Ijee Uzoma/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Heng Zhu
March 19, 2014Adam Hartman, PhD/Neurology/JHSPHJ. Marie Hardwick
March 20, 2014***Darshil Jhaveri/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Elizabeth Jaffee
March 26, 2014Eric Strieter, PhD/Chemistry/Univ Wisc-MadisonCaren Meyers
March 27, 2014***Yanhui Lu/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Craig Hendrix
March 28, 20141Jonathan Neiswinger/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Jin Zhang
April 2, 2014Hal Selnick, PhD/Merck Research LaboratoriesJames Barrow
April 9, 2014Randy Jirtle, PhD/McArdle Labs/Univ Wisc-MadisonJed Fahey/Paul Talalay
April 16, 2014David M. Wilson, PhD/Molec Gerontology/NIHJim Stivers
April 23, 2014Dong Wang, PhD/Skaggs School of Pharmacy/UCSDJun Liu
April 30, 2014Jay Hesselberth, PhD/Biochem & Molec Genet/UCCJames Stivers
May 7, 2014(NO PHARMACOLOGY SEMINAR) Physiology Bard LecturePhysiology
May 14, 2014Job Dekker, PhD/Biochem & Molec Pharm/U MAHeng Zhu
May 21, 2014  
May 28, 2014James Bradner, MD/Medicine/Dana Farber Cancer InstJun Liu
May, 30,20141Melissa Zarr/Thesis Presentation
***(Time:  11:00 AM; Location:  490 Rangos Building)***
Robert Siliciano
June 5, 2014***Nicolas Wyhs/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
June 11, 2014Nene Kalu/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Rich Ambinder
June 18, 2014Elaine To/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Namandje Bumpus
July 22, 2014**Sean Taverna, PhD/Pharmacology/Johns Hopkins Univ Sch of MedPhilip Cole
July 23, 2014Dave Walker/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
William Nelson
July 28, 2014*Zhu-Jun Yao, PhD/Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/Nanjing Univ
§ Abel Library / 12 Noon
Jun Liu
July 30, 2014Namandje Bumpus, PhD/Pharmacology/Johns Hopkins Univ Sch of MedPhilip Cole





§ Abel Library (303 Wood Basic Science Bldg.)

If you have any questions regarding the seminar schedule, please contact:

Robin Hart
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Philip Cole
(410) 614-8849


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