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Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Wednesday Seminar Series

PLEASE NOTE Effective September of 2014, seminars will be held at 4:00 p.m.!

Unless Otherwise Specified,
Seminars are Held in the West Lecture Hall
Ground Floor, Wood Basic Science Building
from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. startng in September 2014!




September 3, 2014New Student Get TogetherPharmacology
September 17, 2014  
September 19, 20141Michael Marletta, PhD/Chemistry/Scripps InstPhil Cole
September 23, 2014Polina Prusevich/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Phil Cole
October 6 2014*Gen-Sheng Feng, PhD/Univ of California, San Diego/Sch. of Med. & Div. of Biological Sciences
§ Abel Library (12 Noon) - SPECIAL SEMINAR
Jun Liu
October 8, 2014John L. Magnani/GlycoMimetics, Inc.Ronald Schnaar
October 15, 2014Jeffrey Kelly, PhD/Molec & Exp Medicine/ScrippsJim Stivers
October 16, 2014***Ryan Vierling/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library (2:30 PM)
Caren Meyers
October 22, 2014Kossiakoff Lecture - Wayne Hendrickson/Columbia UnivBiophysics
October 27, 2014*John W.R. Schwabe, PhD/Biochem/Univ LeicesterPhil Cole
October 29, 2014  
November 5, 2014Use Mountcastle Auditorium (WLH Not Available) 
November 12, 2014Dewey McCafferty, PhD/Chem & Biochem/Duke UnivCaren Meyers
November 19, 2014Yijun Ruan, PhD/Jax Lab for Genomic MedicineHeng Zhu
December 3, 2014Ganesh Thakur, PhD/Pharm Sciences/Northeastern UnivJim Barrow
December 10, 2014Tonya Gilbert/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Sean Taverna
December 17, 2014Mark Burkart, PhD/Chem & Biochem/UCSDCaren Meyers
January 7, 2015Eranthie Weerapana, PhD/Chemistry/Boston CollegePhil Cole
January 14, 2015Steven Fletcher, PhD/Pharm Sciences/UMSP`James Barrow
January 21, 2015Anne Cieniewicz/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Sean Taverna
January 28, 2015  
February 4, 2015Tatiana Kutateladze, PhD/Pharmacology/Univ ColoradoSean Taverna
February 9, 2015*Kathryn L. Heflin/Thesis Presentation
§ Abel Library
Caren Meyers
February 11, 2015Timothy Hagen, PhD/Chem/Northern Illinois UnivCaren Meyers
February 18, 2015Georgia McGaughey, PhD/Vertex PharmaceuticalsJim Barrow
February 25, 2015M. Emilia Di Francesco, PhD/Med Chem/MD AndersonJim Barrow
March 3, 2015**(Tuesday Seminar - Basic Science Auditorium)
Neil Kelleher, PhD/Chemistry/Northwestern Univ
Philip Cole
March 4, 2015  
March 11, 2015  
March 18, 2015Campak Chatterjee, PhD/Chemistry/UWA-SeattlePhilip Cole
March 25, 2015Annual JEK Hildreth Lecture
Tracy Johnson, PhD/Molec, Cell  Develop Biol/UCLA
Namandje Bumpus
April 1, 2015  
April 8, 2015Richard Fischel, PhD/Molec Virology/Ohio State UnivJin Zhang
April 15, 2015Xiang Wang, PhD/Chem & Biochem/U CO-BoulderJun Liu
April 22, 2015James Hougland, PhD/Chemistry/Syracuse UnivCaren Meyers
April 29, 2015Rahul Kohli, MD, PhD/Med & Biochem/Univ of PennsylvaniaJim Stivers
May 6, 2015Scott Kaufmann, MD,PhD/Oncology/Mayo ClinicJim Stivers
May 13, 2015Bard LecturePhysiology Department
May 20, 2015Jiantao Guo, PhD/Chemistry/U Nebraska-LincolnJin Zhang
May 27, 2015  





§ Abel Library (303 Wood Basic Science Bldg.)

If you have any questions regarding the seminar schedule, please contact:

Robin Hart
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Philip Cole
(410) 614-8849


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