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Pediatric Surgery

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Rosemary Nabaweesi

  • Senior Project Analyst

Rosemary NabaweesiSpecialties

Public Health
Medicine and Surgery


Masters of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (2004 )
MBChB, Makerere University Medical School, Uganda (1997)

Positions & Honors

1997-1998       Medical Officer, Johns Hopkins-Makerere University Research Collaboration, Uganda
2000-2002       Research Assistant, University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, MD
2004-2005       Data Collector, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
2004-2005       Consultant, Mid Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers, Baltimore, MD
2005-2009       Program Coordinator, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
2009 to date    Senior Project Analyst, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Other Experience & Professional Membership

2005 to date    Member, American Public Health Association
2005-to date    Member, American Trauma Society 
2005-to date    Member, Trauma Net 
2005-to date    Member, National Association of Children’s Hospitals & Related Institutions (NACHRI) 
2004-2005       Internship, Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Baltimore, MD
1996-1997       Medical Internship, Pediatrics & Surgery, Makerere University Medical School

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Sawaya D, Goldstein S, Seetharamaiah R et al. Gastrointestinal ramifications of the cloacal exstrophy complex: a 44-year experience. J Pediatr Surg 2010 January;45(1):171-5.

Olbrecht, V. A., Nabaweesi, R., Abdullah, F., Paidas, C. N., & Colombani, P. M. (2009). Pectus bar repair of pectus excavatum in patients with connective tissue disease. J.Pediatr.Surg., 44, 1812-1816.

Abdullah, F., Zhang, Y., Nabaweesi, R., Ziegfeld, S. (2009). Splenectomy in hereditary spherocytosis: Review of 1,657 patients & application of the pediatric quality indicators. Pediatr.Blood Cancer, 52, 834-837.

Togioka, B. M., Arnold, M. A., Nabaweesi, R., Colombani, P. M., Chang, D. C., & Abdullah, F. (2009). Retinal hemorrhages and shaken baby syndrome: an evidence-based review. J.Emerg.Med., 37, 98-106.

Nabaweesi, R., Arnold, M. A., Chang, D. C., Rossberg, M. I., Ziegfeld, SAbdullah, F. (2008). Prehospital predictors of risk for pelvic fractures in pediatric trauma patients. Pediatr.Surg.Int., 24, 1053-1056.

Olbrecht, V. A., Arnold, M. A., Nabaweesi, R., Chang, D. C., Colombani, P. M. (2008). Lorenz bar repair of pectus excavatum in the adult population: should it be done? Ann.Thorac.Surg., 86, 402-408.

Olbrecht, V. A., Abdullah, F., Arnold, M. A., Nabaweesi, R., Chang, D. C., Colombani, P. M. (2008).    Upper sternal depression following Lorenz bar repair of pectus excavatum. Pediatr.Surg.Int., 24, 843-846.

Arnold, M. A., Chang, D. C., Nabaweesi, R., Colombani, P. M., & Abdullah, F. (2007). Risk stratification of 4344 patients with gastroschisis into simple and complex categories. J.Pediatr.Surg., 42, 1520-1525.

Arnold, M. A., Chang, D. C., Nabaweesi, R., Colombani, P. M., Abdullah, F. (2007). Development and validation of a risk stratification index to predict death in gastroschisis. J.Pediatr.Surg., 42, 950-955.

Abdullah, F., Arnold, M. A., Nabaweesi, R., Colombani, P. M., Chang, D. C. (2007). Gastroschisis in the United States 1988-2003: analysis and risk categorization of 4344 patients. J.Perinatol., 27, 50-55.

Grant Support:

Ongoing Grants
Johns Hopkins Hospital Special Grants                  07/01/09-06/30/2010
Role: Administrator
To loan special needs safety gear and distribute child safety seats & helmets to children managed at our institution who were involved in a motor vehicle crash (MVC) or bicycle crash respectively.

Completed Grants
Johns Hopkins Telethon Grants                                 07/01/08-06/30/09
Role: Administrator
Safe Travel for Maryland’s Children: To distribute regular and special needs child safety seats to the institutions’ trauma patients.

Johns Hopkins Telethon Grants                                 07/01/07-06/30/08
Role: Administrator
Safe Keeping of the State’s Children: To purchase child safety seats for children involved in MVCs.