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Kidney Transplant: Mary's Story

Mary Tompkins, native of Louisiana, suffered from polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and received a kidney transplant from Johns Hopkins because of an altruistic donor and a "kidney swap" or paired donation. Mary recounts her experience and reasons to travel to Baltimore to see Robert Montgomery, M.D. and the rest of the kidney transplant team at Johns Hopkins.

About the Comprehensive Transplant Center

The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center provides comprehensive care for patients in need of an organ transplant. Our kidney transplant program was one of the first in the nation and has a long history of pioneering innovations geared towards expanding options for patients with renal failure, including the incompatible kidney transplant program and paired kidney exchanges. Paired kidney exchanges, also known as a kidney swap, occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient and so exchanges kidneys with another donor/recipient pair. Learn more about the kidney transplant program

Patient Appointments and Information

To request an appointment for a kidney transplant evaluation, please call 410-955-5045. If you are interested in becoming a living donor for kidney transplant, call 410-614-9345 or register online.