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Astrocytoma Brain Tumor: Marisa Eickenhorst

An brain tumor diagnosis brought Marisa Eickenhorst to the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.  

Marisa Eickenhorst and her family never thought that it would be a brain tumor that was causing Marisa’s sleepless night and headaches. The shock of being diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor turned her world upside down, and her anxiety levels sky-rocketed. However, with her surgery and care in the capable hands of neurosurgeon Dr. Alessandro Olivi and his team from the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center, Marisa felt more at ease. Watch Marisa talk about her journey from diagnosis through treatment and her life now as a survivor.

Brain Tumor - Marisa Eickenhorst's Story

Diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor, Marisa was anxious and scared. Her anxiety gradually faded once she met the man who successfully removed her tumor, Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Alessandro Olivi.

About the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center

The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center is one of the largest brain tumor treatment and research centers in the world. We treat an extremely large number of patients affected by all types of brain tumors. We tailor the best and most advanced therapies that each unique tumor demands. Our team consists of skilled neurosurgeons and neurologists that can provide the most effective and safest treatment — even on the most challenging types of tumors.

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To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-547-5182. Appointments are available at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Brain Tumor Center at Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center at Green Spring Station or at our new location at Johns Hopkins Brain Tumor Center at Suburban in Rockville.


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