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Patient Safety and Quality Dashboard

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Employee Perspectives

For the first time, the Patient Safety and Quality Dashboard gives all employees with a JHED ID access to data on how their work areas in key patient safety and quality measures. Find out what your colleagues think about the dashboard and how they plan to use it as a tool for improvement efforts.

Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

Peter Pronovost

“The goal of this dashboard is to provide you with relevant and timely quality and safety data. We hope you use the dashboard to eliminate preventable harm, optimize patient outcomes and experiences and reduce healthcare waste.”

Howard County General Hospital

George Sweat

“As the manager of three clinical areas, it's nice to have one place to learn how they all are performing in quality and safety measures.”

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Eric Howell

“Now every employee can see how hospitals and units are performing on patient safety and quality targets.”

George Sweat

“I really like the tool.  I especially enjoy being able to filter by hospital and look at their performance.”

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Susan Ohnmacht

“The dashboard gives us a snapshot of progress in initiatives that are important for the well-being of our patients.” 

Suburban Hospital

Jacky Schultz

“Just like a roadmap, a dashboard will help us navigate the path to improved quality and safety. At Suburban, we have used a ‘home grown’ version and now will adopt the system dashboard and share with managers and staff.”


“A quality and safety dashboard not only shows how your institution or area is performing but also gauges your performance against others in the system. We could use this to highlight those who perform exceptionally well in an area and use their expertise to guide others to achieve similar results.”

“The dashboard gives an overview of performance to that allows an organization to celebrate success and identify opportunities for improvement.”

The Johns Hopkins Hospital/Johns Hopkins Health System

redonda miller

“The dashboard provides an incredibly useful snapshot that depicts performance on key measures in one easily accessible place. Part of its beauty is its simplicity and readability. I plan to bring it to key JHH meetings for review and further brainstorming, including the Patient Safety Committee and Medical Board.” 

Jacky Schultz

“The dashboard gives us insight into how our patients and families rate the level of service provided by our organizations.”