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Patient Safety and Quality Dashboard

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About the Dashboard

a woman showing the dashboard display on a computer screen

Across health care, staff often operate blind to measures of how well they are performing in critical areas. While hospital-acquired infection rates, patient survey results and other indicators are discussed in the boardroom and departmental meetings, employees on the front lines often don't receive feedback about aspects of care they might improve.

The Patient Safety and Quality Dashboard, developed by the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, will change that. For the first time, everyone from patient transport staff to clinicians to hospital executives across Johns Hopkins Medicine can access to data on how well their unit, service and hospital is performing in key measures.


The dashboard can perform a number of functions to meet the needs of the diverse team involved in the many facets of delivering patient care. Use the dashboard to:

  • Understand how your unit, department, hospital and JHM as a whole are performing on safety and quality goals.
  • Evaluate trends and performance over time to help identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Compare performance to peer units, departments and hospitals.
  • Print your area's performance for each measure featured on the dashboard.

How to Use the Dashboard

Johns Hopkins Medicine employees can access the Dashboard Guide using their JHED login for step-by-step instructions.

Access a list of frequently asked questions about the dashboard.


For technical support, questions or to provide feedback about your experience, please complete the feedback form