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Outpatient Pharmacy Services


When you receive a prescription from one of our outpatient pharmacies, you’ll have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a member of our experienced pharmacist team. In addition to patient counseling upon prescription pick-up, scheduled Medication Therapy Management Services and Disease Management Services are available upon request.

When you want to refill a prescription you can call the outpatient pharmacy and enter all the required information by using the keypad on your phone, or

Expertise in Specialty Prescriptions

In addition to high-quality service for individual prescription needs, the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy Team has expertise in a variety of specialty areas including: Oncology, HIV, Pain Management, Solid Organ Transplant, and Specialty Compounding. Our pharmacies offer a complete inventory of standard, specialty, and over-the-counter medications. For your convenience, medications can be ready upon discharge or following an outpatient visit.

Transfer Your Prescription Today!

Using our services is as easy as giving us the information on your prescription bottle. Call one of our outpatient pharmacy locations or stop in and our pharmacy team will do the rest.

Medication Access List

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy has updated the medications available through its medication access list, and increased the quantities available at affordable costs. These options include medications available at $11 for a 30-day supply at $18 for a 90-day supply.

You are eligible for the medication access list if you are a patient of Johns Hopkins Medicine and do not have insurance or other coverage that provides assistance to help pay for medicines such as: Employer furnished or private drug coverage (including HMO’s), Military or veteran benefits, Medicare Part B (covers some medicines), Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D), Medicaid, State assistance programs for medicines (SPAP, SCHIP, PACE, etc.). The program is offered to all uninsured patients regardless of age or income.

Your doctor must write a prescription for you to purchase these medications.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus Employee Prescription Delivery Service

Employees of the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus who have prescriptions filled at a Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy are now eligible for The Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus Employee Prescription Delivery Service.  You can now have maintenance medications (medications used on a regular basis, e.g. diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, birth control) automatically filled, and any medication can be delivered directly to your work area on the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus. 

Interpreter Services

Ask for an interpreter if you are deaf or hearing impaired, or if English is not your primary language.

Prescription Insurance Navigation

Having trouble understanding your prescription insurance benefits? Our pharmacy team is available to assist you in understanding the requirements of your insurance plan including prior authorizations, plan limitations, and formulary requirements.


We accept most major health insurance plans. For  your convenience, we welcome Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


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Flu Vaccines Available
Flu vaccines are available in select Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy locations for patients, caregivers, and family members.

Medication Access List
You are eligible for the 30-day or  90-day $18 medication access list if you are a patient of Johns Hopkins Medicine and do not have insurance.

Pharmacy Residency Programs

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group offers a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency and a combined PGY1 Community/PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency with M.B.A./M.S.