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The Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus Employee Prescription Delivery Service

Program Details:

  • The program is only available for Johns Hopkins employees on the East Baltimore campus and their family members who take maintenance medications.
  • Every time your eligible medications are due to be refilled, you will receive (a phone call or) an email notifying you that your prescriptions will be delivered the following business day. You will have until the end of that business day to call our customer service hotline, if there are any special delivery requests (i.e. delay delivery to another day or time), or if there are other medications that you would like to be filled and added to the delivery.
  • For delivery of medications not enrolled in the automatic prescription refill program (ex. as needed medications or new prescriptions), provide the pharmacy with these fill and delivery requests at least one business day in advance of your requested delivery time.
  • If you are unavailable to accept your prescriptions at the time of delivery, you can choose to have a co-worker accept them on your behalf.  You may list the names of these individuals on the delivery and waiver form.
  • To stop delivery of any or all medications, or to opt out of automatic refill, you must contact the pharmacy. You must also alert the pharmacy if your campus address changes, in order to continue receiving deliveries.

How to be a part of this service:

  1. Place eligible medications on automatic refill and indicate which of these you would like to be delivered. This can be done by speaking with the delivery operator at the number given below.
  2. Fill out the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy Auto-Refill and Prescription Delivery Enrollment Form for each family member whose prescriptions would be delivered to you.  You can fax, e-mail from a Johns Hopkins email account, or hand deliver these forms to one of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacies.
  3. A credit card or FLEX card will need to be on file with the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy and will be billed for any co-pay(s) prior to delivery (credit card number will be encrypted and stored in a PCI compliant application).


  • What happens if I am not at my preferred location when the courier delivers my medicine?
    • The courier will call your preferred contact number to see if you are available or would be available for a later delivery.  If the courier is able to get in touch with you, they will make one final same-day delivery attempt.
  • What happens if I am not available during the second delivery attempt and I have no designees assigned to sign for my medicine?
    • The medicine will be returned to the Johns Hopkins Monument Street Pharmacy and can be picked up as early as the next day at Monument Street Pharmacy.
  • Will my personal information be kept confidential if left with someone else?
    • Yes, your medicine and personal information will be in a non-transparent, tamper evident bag that will keep your personal or private information confidential (medicine and paperwork). The only information that will be displayed is your name, contact phone number and delivery address.
  • How will my medicine be paid for?
    • The credit card or FLEX card on file will be charged once the medicine has been filled.
  • Can I have a new prescription that I want to enroll in the auto refill / courier service?
    • Yes, it is preferred that you deliver (drop off, fax or e-fax) your new prescription to the Johns Hopkins Monument Street pharmacy.
    • You must call the courier operator and request that this medicine be couriered or placed on automatic refill.
    • Any new prescriptions dropped off at another Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy for the delivery service will be transferred to the Johns Hopkins Monument Street pharmacy.
  • Can I have same day delivery?
    • No, the medicines in the delivery program are filled by an overnight team and the next business day is the earliest your medicines can be ready for delivery.  If you need a prescription filled the same day, you would need to go directly to the pharmacy.
    • If refills are called in or new prescriptions are dropped off for the delivery service after 3:00 p.m., there is no guarantee that it will be delivered the next business day.
  • Can I give the courier any new prescriptions or have them put in requests to fill as needed medicine?
    • No, new prescriptions must be delivered (drop off, fax or e-fax) to the Johns Hopkins Monument Street pharmacy.
    • You must call the courier operator and request that this medicine be couriered or placed on automatic refill.
      • To request as needed medicines for delivery, you must call the Johns Hopkins Monument Street Pharmacy (410-502-5735).
  • Can I have Over the Counter (OTC) medicine delivered too?
    • No, this program is only for prescription medicine.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Fax: 443-873-5034


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