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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

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Alternatives to Hearing Aids

Other devices also can help you hear in certain listening environments. TV listening systems help you enjoy television or radio without being bothered by other sounds around you. Some hearing aids can be plugged directly into TVs, stereos, microphones, and personal FM systems to help you hear well.

Some telephones work with certain hearing aids to make sounds louder and remove background noise. And some auditoriums, movie theaters, and other public places are equipped with special sound systems that send sounds directly to your ears.

Alerts such as doorbells, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks can give you a signal that you can see or a vibration that you can feel. For example, a flashing light can let you know someone is at the door or on the phone.

There are numerous options available for both personal and group settings. There are assistive systems available for the home, office or public meeting spaces. Your audiologist can work with you to determine what your specific listening needs are and select the best listening system for you.

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