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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

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Hearing Aids

Advances in technology and design

The hearing aid industry has made significant advancements in correcting hearing loss, including the cosmetic impact of hearing aids and technology. Many people feel apprehensive when they recognize they have hearing loss. They don’t want to wear a hearing aid. They feel uncomfortable with the knowledge that others will know they have trouble hearing.

However, hearing aids have changed considerably in the last few years due to consumer demands. Many people are walking around with wireless earpieces for their cell phones and earbuds for MP3 players. The hearing aid industry recognizes this change, and has started making hearing aids that do not look like traditional hearing aids. In fact, many are so tiny; others will never recognize you are wearing one. Further, the experience of wearing hearing aids has improved greatly through better technology and research.

What kind of hearing aid is right for me?

There are many kinds of hearing aids on the market and the audiologists at Hopkins Hearing have the expertise and experience to find the right one for your hearing needs. Your audiologist will work with you closely to determine the size and style and technology that is right for you.