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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
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Restoration of auditory nerve synapses in cats by cochlear implants


Ryugo, David K., E.A. Kretzmer, J.K. Niparko (2005)
Restoration of auditory nerve synapses in cats by cochlear implants. Science 310:1490-1492.

Congenital deafness results in abnormal synaptic structure in endings of the auditory nerve. If these abnormalities persist after restoration of auditory nerve activity by a cochlear implant, the processing of time-varying signals such as speech would likely be impaired. We stimulated congenitally deaf cats for 3 months with a six-channel cochlear implant. The device used human speech-processing programs, and cats responded to environmental sounds. Auditory nerve fibers exhibited a recovery of normal synaptic structure in these cats. This rescue of synapses is attributed to a return of spike activity in the auditory nerve and may help explain cochlear implant benefits in childhood deafness.

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