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Tennis Elbow

Also called lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a painful condition. It occurs when the tendons on the lateral side (the thumb side) of your elbow become injured and inflamed. This can happen due to sports activity (such as playing tennis or other racquet sports) or from repetitive motion.

Tennis Elbow: What You Need to Know

  • Tennis elbow can be caused by weak shoulder and wrist muscles, combined with poor form in racquet sports.
  • Occupational activities, such as painting with a roller or repeatedly using certain hand tools, can also cause lateral epicondylitis.
  • The most common symptom of tennis elbow is pain along the outer part of the forearm from the elbow to the wrist.
  • Lateral epicondylitis can be diagnosed during a physical exam, but an X-ray or MRI scan may also be ordered to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Treatment for tennis elbow may include custom bracing, oral anti-inflammatory medications, injections and occasionally surgery.

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