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Few professional moves cause more angst than leaving the familiarity of school to put your knowledge on the line in a hospital setting.

Relax! There’s a reason we’re confident you can go from new grad to Hopkins nurse--the SPRING program:  Social and Professional Reality Integration for Nurse Graduates.

Of course, you'll get unit-specific orientation.  But SPRING shepherds you through your entire first year at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, equipping you with a practical "tool kit" of skills and experiences you will use to develop into a full-fledged member of our health care team.  Our innovative, 12-month program--led by nurse educators with proven ability to coach and mentor novice nurses--will enhance your clinical expertise, help you master complex concepts, sharpen your critical-thinking ability, promote your career advancement and develop your leadership potential.

How You Will Proceed
Besides having the personal and professional support of your one-on-one preceptor, you will:


  • Attend classes taught by nurse educators, experienced clinicians and resource experts in patient advocacy, service recovery, pastoral care, risk management and palliative care.
  • Participate in a variety of learning experiences: lectures, hands-on practice, skill labs, large- and small-group activities, clinical scenarios.
  • Learn from others’ experience and from feedback through discussions with your peers.
  • Get encouragement, coaching and professional development support through discussions with your SPRING nurse educator.


SPRING: Top to Bottom
Month 1


  • Transition from student to RN
  • Code 101
  • Professional expectations
  • Clinical skills practice
  • Critical thinking in practice


Month 2


  • Scheduling
  • Clinical delegation
  • Team communication strategies
  • Balancing home and career
  • Critical thinking in practice


Month 3


  • Partnering with patients in care
  • Conflict management
  • Code 201
  • Managing care in a dynamic environment
  • Critical thinking through clinical scenarios


Month 6


  • Patient advocacy/service recovery
  • Assertiveness
  • Code 301
  • Collaboration among clinical units
  • Performance management
  • Pastoral care
  • Critical thinking through clinical scenarios


Month 9


  • Risk management
  • Patient safety
  • End-of-life issues
  • Critical thinking through clinical scenarios


Month 12


  • Professional development
  • Career ladder advancement
  • Exploring research
  • You as a leader
  • Precepting
  • Role models and mentors
  • SPRING celebration


Imagine Your Success
Before you know it, you will begin to feel like a full member of our interdisciplinary team.

Application Process
Enrollment into the SPRING program is automatic upon being offered a position on an adult inpatient unit.  Classes will begin immediately and there is not a separate application process.  Applications for a Nurse Clinician position are available online