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News for Physicians from the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Spring 2017

Director’s Column

Pablo Celnik shares the latest physical medicine and rehabilitation research advancements and highlights new and expanded services.

Spring 2017

On a Search for Markers to Assess the Subtle Signs of Brain Injury

Johns Hopkins pediatrician and physiatrist Stacy Suskauer and colleagues are looking at biomarkers in children who suffered a brain injury to see if lingering effects are cause for concern.

Spring 2017

Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network to Span the Continuum of Care

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network delivers rehab care in various settings across the continuum—including patients recovering from stroke, neurologic conditions, spinal cord injuries, and providing expertise at each level.

Spring 2017

A New Awareness of Mental Health in ICU Patients

Johns Hopkins' Dale Needham finds that most patients who leave the ICU suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and/or delusions.