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JHMTechnology - Logging Off Can Solve Missing Drives Problem

JHMTechnology April 2014

Logging Off Can Solve Missing Drives Problem

Date: April 1, 2014

Novella Myers, Solutions Center, Support Center Agent
Novella Myers, Solutions Center, Support Center Agent

Help Desk Solutions Thousands of staff members call the help desk every month for solutions to some very common computer-related problems. This column answers frequently asked questions in an effort to help reduce the need to make those calls.

Q: Help! My “shared” drive has gone missing. All my important files are on there. How do I get it back?

A: Don’t worry. You haven’t lost anything. If you don’t see your “H” or “shared” drive, all you need to do is log off your work station, wait 10 seconds and log back on. That usually solves the problem.

What happens when you call the help desk?

The help desk performs password resets and triages calls into three priorities. Priority One calls are primarily enterprise-wide IT issues. These calls get immediate attention and generate a notification email/text for anyone who signs up to receive them. Priority Two calls also get immediate attention but do not generate email/text notifications. This priority is assigned when an issue is affecting patient care.

Priority Three calls are isolated/individual issues that do not immediately impact patient care. These calls are normally addressed within four business hours. These issues can be submitted by phone or online.

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