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Inside Tract - Snapshot of a Perilous Path?

Inside Tract Fall 2012

Snapshot of a Perilous Path?

Date: December 12, 2012

Credit: Image courtesy of Frank Giardiello
1 2
Credit: Image courtesy of Frank Giardiello

It’s likely that a pathway to malignancy for colorectal cancer includes several polyp varieties.

In these micrographs, contributed by gastroenterologist Frank Giardiello, we feature two types that make up the bulk of those found in patients with serrated polyposis, also called hyperplastic polyposis.

Image number one shows a hyperplastic polyp with serrations halfway down the crypt. Image two shows a sessile serrated adenoma/polyp characterized by serrations throughout the crypt and a typical flask-like crypt shape, namely, wider at the bottom and narrow at the top.

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