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Dome - 2013


A New Model of ICU Emerges
Pulmonologist Naresh Punjabi studies the metabolism of people with sleep apnea in his lab at the Center for Interdisciplinary Sleep Research and Education. His project is one of 346 clinical investigations supported by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clin
Even as outpatients, many international patients, like Ali Al-Ajmi, center, have complex medical needs. Now experts from Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Johns Hopkins Home Care Group collaborate, case by case, to fulfill those requirements.
Katie Reeves (left) mentors new nurse Cara McComas in the progressive cardiac care unit. McComas also takes part in the SPRING nurse residency program, which has helped boost retention of new nurse graduates.
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Dome June/July 2013
Issue No. 646
Certified diabetes educators Holly Bashura, Erica Hall and Terri Kemmerer (left to right) apply their expertise to one of the many nurse-led projects designed to advance patient care across The Johns Hopkins Hospital.
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William Osler
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Third-year Johns Hopkins medical student Mark Fisher documents symptoms described by patient José OrtÍz-Cepeda. Fisher helped create an electronic medical record system to improve care for patients served by free medical clinics