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The Cutting Edge - A Season of Gratitude

Cutting Edge Fall 2009

A Season of Gratitude

Date: December 21, 2009

Julie Freischlag Director of Surgery
Julie Freischlag Director of Surgery

With so much emphasis on economic hardship and the news full of poverty, war and H1N1, some may fear society—and the world—are declining into misfortune. But I need only step foot onto The Johns Hopkins Hospital campus to see that there is much to appreciate and be grateful for.

Regardless of political ideology or opinions on economic reform, there’s no denying that medical research is benefiting from the recent government stimulus package. Here at Hopkins, our transplant division has received two grants from the initiative, for research that will inevitably improve and save lives. Meanwhile, as other institutions struggle to keep their budgets in the black, our hospital stands firmly on financially safe ground. For that, we must be grateful.

Then there is the generosity of the numerous donors who give so eagerly to our faculty. Their continued kindness has brought our department a $1 million gift to fund pancreatic cancer research and $10,000 for a melanoma lectureship. Such acts reward the surgeons and faculty who work so tirelessly to make their donations worthwhile, and they ensure that the important work we do here can continue indefinitely. Again, we have much to give thanks for.

But federal and philanthropic dollars mean little unless put to good use. That’s why, above anything else, I am grateful to work among colleagues who do exactly that.

Every day, when I walk through the halls of Hopkins Hospital, I see good men and women—from surgeons to nurses to physician assistants, nurse practitioners, surgical residents, medical students and technicians—who strive to ensure that our patients have the best care available. Because of their hard work and dedication every day, I see people who came to us suffering from injuries and disease walk away with the chance to live better. And there is nothing I am more grateful for than that. 

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