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Pharmacodynamic and immunologic effects of vitamin D supplementation in patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy controls

Principal Investigator: Ellen Mowry, M.D.

For more information, please contact Dr. Mowry at (410) 502-0675.

Dr. Ellen Mowry is currently recruiting subjects for a study that will assess the effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation in patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy individuals and to determine if the supplements affect the immune system (the natural defense system of the body that fights infections) differently in these two groups.

Caucasian women aged 18 to 60 who are of normal weight may qualify if they have multiple sclerosis or are healthy.  Participants must have no history of thyroid, kidney or liver disease, kidney stones, high blood calcium, or a serious chronic illness.  All potential subjects will have a vitamin D level checked; only those with a low vitamin D level are eligible for the study.

Those who meet the criteria for the study will take vitamin D supplements for three months.  Participants will come to the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center for three visits, each lasting about an hour. 


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